Executive Briefing Program
Powerful collaboration. Transformative strategies.

Collaborate with technology leaders to discover imaginative ways to help transform your business. Our Executive Briefing Program gives you one-on-one access to our top execs, industry leaders and subject matter experts to explore creative strategies that can drive innovation forward leveraging Enterprise Intelligence. Powerful relationships start here.

Some meetings advance your business. Others change it forever.

We’re in the business of human progress. At an Executive Briefing, you’ll be inspired to push the limits of your ideas with creative input from technology innovators. This convergence of perspectives, knowledge and insights can help fuel your success today and in the future.

It’s more than a conversation—it’s a collaboration. Experience our current technology solutions firsthand at one of our Executive Briefing Centers.

See practical demonstrations of our technologies, or if you want more insight into future technologies, you can get that, too. Distinct from traditional briefing centers, our facilities have won awards for design, construction, lighting and unparalleled use of technology—for a world-class immersive experience tailored to your industry.

Our Executive Briefing Program lets you:

  • Collaborate with technology and business experts
  • Explore the possibilities of tomorrow’s technologies
  • See our solutions in action—including 5G, Intelligent Networking, Internet of Things (IoT), Business Communications, Customer Experience Services and Security
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Helping you evolve and advance

Working together, we can shape customized strategies—using transformative new technologies—to propel your business toward innovation and bottom-line results. Tell us your greatest ambitions. We’ll help make them possible.

Your visit. Designed to address your needs.

Explore new solutions and gain strategic insights based upon your most pressing challenges to help you propel business forward in exciting new ways:

Exclusive Access

  • Participate with Verizon leadership in a technology-focused forum
  • Get actionable insights from technology and industry experts
  • Connect with hardware and applications partners

Open Collaboration

  • Freely express your needs and get strategies, and insights to address them using innovative technology
  • Learn about strategic development of products and solutions
  • Enjoy a relaxed, productive environment

Innovative Ideas

  • Create potential solutions for your business
  • Get early access to thought-provoking reports and product road maps
  • Experience solution demos that showcase our solutions in action

Completely Customized

  • We work with you to ensure your visit is tailored to address your unique business priorities
  • Choose a center based on technologies or geographic preferences
  • Accommodate offsite team members using collaboration tools

Customer success stories

Learn how Verizon has helped other customers stay business ready - and how we can help you, too.

Award-winning efforts exemplify our vision for technology.

At Verizon, we don’t just put technology in place—we build it into our centers and stress it in our Executive Briefing Program. From the ground up, we’ve made technology organic to the experience. And we’ve won awards for our products and services. From green design to dynamic labs to copper theaters that block interference for pure 5G demonstrations, we’ve created facilities that showcase the power of technology. Join us at one of our centers, and discover why we have earned the following awards.

Awards list

We’re recognized regularly by the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM), the premier association for recognizing outstanding briefing programs and professionals. Our ABPM designations include:

ABPM Program of the Year

ABPM President's Service Award

ABPM World Class in Customer Experience

ABPM World Class in Management

ABPM World Class in Measurement

ABPM World Class in Planning     

ABPM World Class Center

ABPM World Class in Customer Service     

ABPM World Class Marketing      

IIDA Award for Best Research Lab Design

Global Green Good Design

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