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Business Digital Voice

Toll-Free Service

Expand your business with toll-free numbers.

Increase the geographical reach of your business. Add toll-free calling to your phone package for a low monthly fee—and allow your customers to contact you at no charge to them.

Each toll-free number is just


Plus a low per minute usage rate, line charges, taxes, and fees

Get Started

Save $45.50

Get a new Toll-Free number and we'll waive the setup fee and the first 2 month's service charge.

Great for your business if:

  • You receive calls to your business number from out of
    state or Canada.
  • You prefer to customize the routing of toll-free traffic based
    on your specific needs.

With Toll-Free Service, you'll enjoy:

  • The choice of 800 / 888 / 877 / 866 toll-free numbers.
  • Incoming toll-free call blocking by area code, exchange,
    or phone number.
  • Listings in the National Toll-Free Directory.
  • A low monthly service fee plus toll free usage at the same
    low discounted per-minute rate as the rate on your long
    distance plan.
For more advanced features, see the product guide

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