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Verizon Small Business: James' Story


If you're here on an average day, you can get
about 10 to 15 solicitors trying to sell you something – it could be anywhere from food to jewelry to socks...and Web services. You'd be surprised being in retail what people try to sell

you on a daily basis. When we had people come
in trying to build us a Website, and host it and everything, it was very cost-prohibitive. We're a small business, family owned, and we didn't
know what this would bring in for us.



Going to the next level


Years ago everybody just picked up the phone
book and called. Today, everybody wants to find something quick. They don't want to sit there and page through a phone book to find a phone number. It's a dinosaur, it doesn't work anymore.

With a Website I'm excited to show people what I do. It's more personal, you can see pictures of what we do, not stock photos.

On the Internet you can keep up with what your customers want. I mean, every day they want something different. You can change pictures,
you can change your prices, you can put up seasonal items...


Fast, simple, powerful


Building the Website on my own was pretty simple. Basically by following the prompts on the screen, you're up and running in less than a half an hour. You could add audio, video, a map - you could do just about anything.

The Verizon analytic tools will let me find out what people are looking for, how long they've been on the website, and how many people are actually finding me. And I'll be able to take orders over the Web and get paid through PayPal.

With emails, I could send out specials, reminders for holidays or birthdays - coming events for each customer.


"Something new and exciting"


I would definitely recommend it to my friends and neighbors. I guess everybody is just as hesitant as I was to go into it, to see if it'll actually work. I'm hoping that it's going to be something that's new and exciting for us. I can't wait to see what happens, where we go from here.

James Quattropani

Owner, James Florist

Wantagh, NY


James' Verizon Website Services

Verizon Websites Gold with WebListings

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