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Business Phone: Features

Business telephone
features that fit

Enhance your business telephone calling package
with features that are suited for your business needs.

Included in Unlimited Nationwide Calling Packages*:

Caller ID

Displays incoming calls, even
if you're already on a call.

*Term agreement required

Standard Voicemail

Get important messages when you're away from the office 24/7.

Order any Phone Package with Features and get:

Line Hunting

Line hunting sends customers to a live employee before going to voice mail or getting a busy signal.

3-Way Calling

Add a third caller to a call
already in progress, no matter
who initiated the call.


Dial another person in your
Multi-Line phone system without
incurring usage charges.

Automatic Callback

Allows you to be called back
when you reach a busy line
within your Multi-Line business phone system.

Speed Dialing

Create a list of stored telephone numbers that can be dialed with one touch.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to any number
and never miss a call.

Call Hold

Place calls on hold for an extended period of time, freeing up lines for other calls.

Call Pick-Up

All users within the Multi-Line system can answer other lines within a call group.

Directed Call Pick-Up

Answer any ringing line with the Multi-Line system by dialing an access code.

Consultation Hold

Lets you put an existing call on hold and make another call.

Call Waiting /
Cancel Call Waiting

Receive notification of an incoming call while another conversation is in progress.

Inside /
Outside Ringing

Helps you distinguish between internal and external incoming calls.

Call Transfer

Transfer a call to any other number.

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