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On Site LTE

Transformative on-premises, private wireless network

Providing secure connectivity for today’s organizations while paving the way for tomorrow’s real-time operations.

  • Your own On Site 4G LTE solution, built right

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Real-time analytics. Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR). Massive Internet of Things (MIoT). Multi-access and mobile edge computing (MEC). These and other new-generation technologies all rely on fast, agile and reliable connectivity.

    Current enterprise network technologies, such as Wi-Fi, don’t support business-critical macroconnectivity. Organizations are left with coverage gaps, lost connectivity, fractured security, data congestion, inflexible processes and inconsistent service quality that can lead to costly downtime and missed opportunities.

    That’s why we are offering a new option for pervasive enterprise connectivity: On Site LTE.

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    What is On Site LTE?

    On Site LTE is a next-gen private network, providing secure, tailored, on-premises, macroconnectivity. It delivers consistent, predictable coverage and bandwidth for business-critical applications today, and enables MIoT, MEC, AR, VR and more tomorrow.

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    How does On Site LTE work?

    On Site LTE leverages microradios and small cells, similar to Wi-Fi access points. It also utilizes a mini, on-premises 4G LTE core to provide security and low latency for critical processes and applications. It’s customized to connect to existing LANs and enterprise applications, and can include remote connectivity for authorized users and devices.

  • Who could benefit from
    On Site LTE?

  • On Site LTE could benefit a variety of industries, including:

    • Manufacturing 
    • Utilities
    • Oil, gas and mining
    • Transportation and distribution
    • Healthcare   

Features and benefits

On Site LTE is a customized solution that can be fully managed, monitored and maintained by Verizon. It’s interoperable with most existing IT and IoT infrastructures and can support thousands of connected devices, as well as different prioritization schemes based on user profiles.

  • Seamless

    Enables mobility by extending the network’s operational range all over campus and beyond.

  • Reliable

    Delivers consistent, predictable coverage, and connectivity and bandwidth.


  • Secure

    Provides a local private network built to Verizon wireless network standards, with monitoring to help protect against threats.

  • Agile

    Supports high-end and low-end IoT devices, prioritization, network dimensioning and scaling, as well as faster process reconfigurations, and easy evolution to 5G.

  • Easy

    Empowers customers to focus on running their business, not their network.

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Solution components

On Site LTE’s primary components include spectrum options, along with customer premises-based small-cell radios and a packet core. Design, deployment and network management services are also included for a truly turnkey solution.

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