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Engage customers with personalized and seamless experiences by blending human and artificial intelligence.

  • Exceptional customer experiences powered by exceptional technology

  • Customer engagement technologies play a key role in improving experiences. Whether it’s customers needing information or support, or constituents engaging with government agencies, artificial intelligence (AI) and next-gen technologies can elevate personalized experiences with seamless, instant and consistent interactions that people crave. Plus, they can help save you time and money.

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  • Verizon Conversational IVR   

    Verizon CIVR uses speech technology powered by AI to deliver an intuitive customer service experience that can help callers resolve issues on their own.

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  • The Verizon CIVR difference

    Our cutting-edge features can help you deliver a better customer experience.

  • Personalized, proactive experience

    Match phone numbers with customer data to identify callers and create more personalized experiences that can anticipate customer needs.

  • Virtual Agent   

    As an AI-powered digital self-assistant, Virtual Agent helps you deliver automated and personalized self-serve experiences that are consistent across your digital channels.

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  • Intelligent interactions

    Deliver relevant responses and take advantage of AI to continually learn how to improve interactions.

  • Automated tasks

    Offload basic, high-volume tasks while routing sensitive and more complex issues to live agents.

  • Knowledge Assist   

    Use AI and machine learning to help agents in your contact center quickly find answers to customer or constituent issues in an accurate and consistent manner.

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  • Complex, relevant answers

    Get accurate answers to questions and guidance from sources that might include images, video and web pages.

  • Single source of truth

    Use workflow automation to collaboratively build content that all agents in your organization can use.

  • Live Agent   

    Give customers on your website, mobile app or messaging platform instant access to agents via chat, voice or video.

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  • Enhanced efficiency

    Allow your agents to easily manage multiple chat interactions at once.

  • In-context escalations

    Pass along conversations and data from virtual agent to human agent so customers don’t need to retell their story.

  • Social Engagement   

    Enable your marketing and digital teams to listen to, chime in on and analyze social conversations about your brand.

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  • Impactful engagements

    Identify high-priority posts and create meaningful one-on-one engagements with consumers and influencers.

  • Social analysis

    Discover your share of voice and get actionable insights on language, emotion and tone of voice.

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  • Cultivating customer relationships

    Social media can elevate your brand, but use it strategically to reach customers.

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  • Verizon Virtual Agent—available 24/7/365

    Build trust and learn loyalty by providing customers with intelligent self-service tools.

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  • Knowledge Assist—helping agents help themselves

    Empower your agents with relevant and accurate responses to customer questions.

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  • Get customers to take action.

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