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Traffic Data Services

Manage now and plan for the future with our smart traffic analytics.

Improve traffic flow across your community using wireless data.    

Traffic congestion on your roads and transportation systems not only frustrates people, but drivers across the nation collectively lose billions of dollars each year in wasted fuel and lost time. Wireless data from the vast Verizon 4G LTE network can help transportation managers and traffic planners improve how people travel through your city.

Verizon Traffic Data Services delivers live traffic information and historical insights using anonymized personal data with street-level accuracy collected from our nationwide network. The solution provides actionable data about population mobility patterns and traffic performance so you can improve how you manage and plan multi-modal transportation.

What is Traffic Data Services?

Traffic Data Services provides detailed and actionable insights into citizen and visitor traffic and travel patterns throughout your city. It measures performance using aggregated, anonymized wireless data, to help you minimize congestion, improve safety, plan future multi-modal transportation, manage events and emergencies, as well as improve land use.

How does Traffic Data Services work?

Traffic Data Services uses billions of accurate cellular network records matched with a pre-mapped database of the cellular network on each street to give you live and historical traffic data and origin destination information. Changes in location and time are noted, then used to calculate speed, direction and flow. By overlaying these attributes, traffic analytics provide a detailed view of your transportation system with a demographic lens.

Making traffic smarter benefits everyone.

Our platform’s accuracy and pervasiveness can benefit more than cities. Learn the benefits of data analysis for traffic performance planning, public safety, retail and venues. Find out how to collaborate with our technology leaders on solutions for today and tomorrow.

Features & benefits    

Traffic Data Services give you the tools you need to start using data to your advantage. By arming you with the right intelligence, we’ll help you improve traffic flow by creating better traffic planning and responses.

  • Sensor-grade data quality. Validated by departments of transportation and universities to match or exceed sensor data accuracy
  • Cloud-hosted platform. Use a total traffic-data analytics solution from one convenient platform
  • Software as a service. Get a flexible, scalable solution with no capital investment or hardware costs
  • Fully managed. Eliminate any time and effort spent on support and maintenance

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