Incident Response & Investigations

Put Verizon’s extensive incident response expertise and global threat intelligence to work as part of your cyberdefense to help accelerate response, minimize damage and speed recovery.

  • React. Respond. Recover.

    Breaches happen. But effective preparation and response means you can recover faster. Our worldwide presence of investigators, forensics lab technicians, intelligence analysts and support personnel conduct over 600 investigations per year, including some of the largest breaches on record. Put that expertise to work for your organization and help protect your assets, reputation and bottom line. 

  • Rapid Response Retainer

  • Get access to the expertise and tools you need to prepare for and respond to cyberattacks. A customized, proactive incident response agreement, Rapid Response Retainer helps mitigate risk, augment cybersecurity personnel and control costs. Having a retainer in place will speed containment and response, mitigate the destruction and theft of data, preserve evidence, and protect your organization’s reputation.

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  • Mitigate risk.


    Quickly activate forward-deployed agreements, processes and technologies to minimize your time to contain and recover from a breach.

  • Augment your personnel.


    Access a cadre of investigators, forensics lab technicians, intelligence analysts and support personnel to support your incident response needs before, during and after an attack.

  • Incident Response Planning

  • Develop an incident response plan that anticipates challenges, amplifies effectiveness and streamlines your decision-making processes. Our global network and extensive technology partnerships give us strategic and tactical cyberintelligence that few can match—and that we can put to work for you.

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  • Response coordination


    Identify gaps in your plan, define stakeholder roles, establish processes and increase executive awareness.

  • Continuous improvement


    Test your plan against actual breach situations to highlight critical gaps in your system and provide a basis for improvement and investment.

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    • 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

      We analyzed 3,950 confirmed breaches across 80% of all industries to provide insights that can help inform security strategies and decrease your vulnerability to cyberattacks.

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  • 2019 Verizon Incident Preparedness and Response Report

    Dive into our data-based, scenario-driven approach to optimizing your incident response plan.

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  • Security assessment tool

    Get your free and personalized security rating to see how your cybersecurity measures up.

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  • Executive Breach Simulation

    Cyberattacks are a reality. Find out if your team is ready with a simulation designed to test your response plan.

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