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Verizon brings together our own experts with external industry leaders to provide educational and actionable insights. Verizon hosts webinars on a regular basis covering a variety of topics including:

  • how your business can take advantage of Industry 4.0 and new advanced technologies such as 5G and multi-access edge compute
  • cybersecurity research, strategies for improving security program maturity, industry trends and technologies 
  • the future of work: what your peers are doing and how technology is used in the most innovative ways to improve business productivity, efficiency and growth
  • CX security webinar a woman headphone at a laptop
  • This month's featured event

    Moving frontiers: ensure your CX staff are working from home securely

    It is well known that many organisations struggled to pivot to remote working when the global pandemic hit. Customer experience departments were affected more than most with it being even more complex to shift contact centre platforms, systems, data and staff to an environment that was accessible remotely. Twelve months on we revisit “How secure are your remote CX staff?” We will look back at the challenges organisations have faced in moving to remote working, how to review security policy needs based on remote working maturity, and most importantly, what you can do to ensure all remote workers are working from home securely.

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  • Watch a 2-minute preview video:

    5G Ready: Built Right for Business with Verizon

  • Learn about 5G opportunities for innovation and the difference a private 5G private network could make to your business.

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On-demand webinars

  • a man with a laptop

    Forrester webcast -
    Prepare your organisation for anywhere work

    Join experts from Forrester and Verizon to learn about building a more collaborative work model.




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  • swift webinar man holding a glasses

    SWIFT: How to remain compliant in 2021 as new regulations come into force

    Come 2021, organisations processing financial transactions through SWIFT will need to have their compliance confirmed by a separate internal audit or an external assessor. As a global leader in security compliance, we will be sharing with you our recommendations for staying compliant.



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  • Close up of a Asian woman wearing glasses

    Women and the State of Cybersecurity

    Join us in this session, to see how women are changing cybersecurity, and what the next gen of remote work looks like.

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  • Group of Automobile Design Engineers Working on Augmented Reality 3D Model Prototype of Electric Car Chassis. Automotive Innovation Facility: 3D Concept Vehicle Frame Generated with 3D CAD Software.

    5G Built Right for Business

    Watch this talk to hear Verizon Enterprise’s International 5G launch announcement. This session explores why 5G is so important in the next wave of digital transformation and will help you understand how your organisation can be at the forefront of technological change.

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  •  A man wearing glasses looking at a computer in an office

    Goodbye Digital Age, Welcome Fusion Era

    This deep impact session will help you preview, preempt and prepare for the incredible 4.0 future of everything in the 2020's.

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  • Industry 4.0: Radical Digitisation

    In this session, we’ll discuss the technologies that forward-thinking business are prioritising and already investing in.

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  • Business 2.0: reimagining your digital future

    Learn how to meet the challenges of tomorrow by reshaping strategy, technology and skills today. Watch a replay of our Virtual Summit.

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  • The Digital Workplace

    In this session, we will be discussing the changing concept of work, the workplace and the environment that business leaders need to create to thrive in this new world. Attend this session to solidify your plans and uncover the journey to the new digital workplace.

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  • The Digital Workforce

    In this session, we’ll be discussing:
    • How to build the skills of your workforce
    • Enable employees to maintain a good work/life balance
    • How to encourage them to leverage their empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence in their decision making

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  • Security: Never trust, always verify. Move towards a zero trust environment

    In this webinar, we’ll be looking at how recent events have not only accelerated the pace of change, but also helped hasten a philosophical shift. 




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More on-demand webinars

  • Best in Class Contact Centres: A Use Case in Innovation

    Improving the customer experience – innovation and automation for the digital savvy enterprise. Watch this webinar to hear Verizon's Customer Experience Consultant, Steffen Selbmann discuss Google Contact Center AI use case and the benefits it can provide to your business.

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  • Woman leading a business team meeting

    How to automate your return to workplace processes

    This panel session addresses topics such as experience and skills required for entry level positions, the value of certifications and accreditations, which cyber disciplines and job functions are most in need today, and what is most important to employers when seeking new talent into an organisation.

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  • Making your way in cybersecurity: how to improve your hiring potential

    During this session, Owanate Bestman, Director of Bestman Solutions Limited and Deepinder (Deep) Chhabra, Senior Manager for Verizon's UK Cyber Assurance practice and ISACA London Chapter Chairperson, discuss what in their experience, candidates can and should do to make themselves more marketable to employers.

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    Why future-readiness is the antidote to uncertainty

    How can organisations shape their workforce today to meet the challenges of tomorrow? Watch this webinar to learn about the progress of organisations across four critical categories of future-readiness.

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  • How to securely deliver the adaptive enterprise

    In this webinar, you will learn about the fundamental components of cloud based, identity-centric networks and the technologies and policies that should be put in place to secure them.


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  • Woman using futuristic technology while standing on sidewalk

    Driving change together: your DX journey

    In this session, Verizon experts examine the priorities for business leaders as they move from surviving the pandemic to thriving in the post-Covid world, as well as how you can make sense of – and find direction in – the new landscape.

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  • Man talking on headset while working in home office

    Combatting cyber risk: enterprise detection and response in the post-Covid world

    This session provides insight on how to deliver a programmatic and structured approach to threat detection and response which enables you to gain holistic visibility into threats from different detection tools, and how by building effective response processes integrated with relevant threat intelligence can help ensure that you prioritise and address the most critical threats.

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  • Man talking on headset while working in office

    Digital Strategies for The New Normal

    Watch this webinar to learn about the key technologies business leaders can leverage in this period of accelerated change.




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  • In-language webinars

    From time to time, we also conduct in-language webinars in our other International markets.  Check out these additional on-demand webinar topics.

    View French webinars View German webinars

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