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Deliver an omnichannel
retail experience.

Retail spending is increasing as consumers seek personalized and digitally enabled products and services whether they’re in stores or online. While preferences change according to season, demographics and trends, today there’s unwavering demand for unique, seamless and convenient shopping experiences.

Is your business ready to keep up with your customers who want to: interact with your products and services before they buy; improve personalization while maintaining privacy and security; and get more value and convenience? We can help you overcome technology barriers so you can transform the path to purchase with an engaging, omnichannel experience.

  • Digital supply chain and business agility

    To empower associates and to enhance the customer experience (CX), you need greater internet speed, flexible bandwidth and backup capabilities on demand. Networking infrastructure and connectivity solutions can help you  be more innovative and agile:

    • SD WAN and SD WLAN to provide reliable, scalable connectivity
    • Simplified networking solutions to help boost connectivity speed and reduce latency, driving better application performance
    • Wireless backup and routers to stay connected for business continuity and to support store within a store experiences

    Learn how we helped one retailer overhaul its networking

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  • Customer engagement and personalized CX

    You're looking for innovative ways to target content offers, enable workforce collaboration and provide personalized services in real time. We offer solutions that get you ready to deliver predictive, immersive experiences:

    • Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) 
    • Contact center capabilities 
    • Visual Interactive Calling
    • Tablets equipped with smart applications 
    • One Talk℠ solutions
    • Digital CX 

    Find out how we supported Target’s vision of a more
    connected retail experience.

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  • Brand awareness and visibility

    The tremendous amounts of data you have about customer purchasing patterns and preferences can be used to create more personalized marketing campaigns, deploy audience-reaching technologies and attract new customers. Take advantage of retail solutions that get you ready to expand market share and build brand awareness:

    • Digital Signage that’s centrally managed helps extend your brand, messaging and offerings to new audiences
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  • Data security and business continuity

    Retailers like you need risk insights and cyber security solutions to protect critical customer data. You also need to use wireless and connectivity capabilities to support locations and physical asset surveillance. Our intelligent security solutions are designed to help you be ready to protect your brand:

    Learn how you stack up against the Payment Card
    Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


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Enable a robust
customer experience.

Customers demand a seamless retail experience—and you need to deliver. By going digital, you can: drive efficiencies in your supply chain; increase on-time deliveries; track and manage product; deploy digital and marketing solutions; provide security to safeguard transaction data; and create an immersive customer experience. 

We run our own retail business, so we understand your challenges and are ready with the expertise and suite of integrated retail IT solutions to support you in pursuit of your goals. 

Verizon is a leader in digital transformation. Let us help you get your retail business ready to succeed. 

  • A network leader. Award-winning wireless network, reliable IP and fiber infrastructure
  • IT innovation. Leading the journey to 5G and advancing the agenda on IoT integration for retailers
  • Customer Experience 
     Intelligent tools and processes that help you better connect with customers
  • Threat intel & security services. Unprecedented insight into security threats plus detection, defense and continuity capabilities


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