Health benefits company gains call center agility.

Private IP network helps provider tackle new business opportunities.


A legacy Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) architecture couldn’t scale quick enough to take care of healthcare enrollment backlogs and reduce calling costs.

  • Needed to scale call center capacity up and down in line with enrollment period demands
  • Business required automatic call routing
  • Legacy voice system couldn’t deliver the needed agility and continuity


Our Private IP and IP Trunking with Voice over IP services connected dispersed call centers and remote agents to an agile, unified communications network.

  • Migrated to IP Trunking with Voice over IP
  • Deployed Private IP to improve call continuity


The company proactivity manages bandwidth and automatically routes calls across all of its call centers and remote agents.

  • Gained call center agility with multi-channel (chat, video, etc.), next-gen technology
  • Implemented the solutions fast so agents can get up and running quickly from any location
  • Streamlined administration with intuitive dashboard for monitoring and managing bandwidth and routing
  • Improved the customer experience by automating routing to agents who address caller questions and concerns

How we built the solution.

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