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  • A steady demand for creative design

  • Ronin Design Co. is a creative agency located in Dallas, Texas that delivers branding, illustration and package design services. Slow internet speeds were a constant challenge for the designers. Superfast 5G Business Internet helped free up their scheduling—and their creativity.

    Ronin Design Co. has found success creating branding and package design for toys and games, despite launching their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Ronin owner Adrian Gonzales says, “Our business was pretty steady because it turns out that a lot of people are staying home, they’re having family time, they’re working remotely. People still want to buy games and toys.”

    He adds, “I’m pretty lucky and I think everybody in here would say the same thing. That we really are in a position where we actually are doing what we love. Everybody in here is a very creative, artistic person at heart.”

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  • Adrian Gonzalez, Ronin Design Co. co-founder, sitting at his desk
    • Beginning quotation mark  It’s going to help us put more time into the actual work.”

      Adrian Gonzalez, Principal and co-founder, Ronin Design Co.

    • Slow internet disrupts schedules and creativity

    • After moving to a new location, however, Gonzales and his team discovered that their Internet connection was so slow it disrupted their business.

      “We tend to move very large files back and forth between us and the clients—files that get all the way up into the gigabytes of files,” said Gonzales. “And when you’re operating at such a low speed, it can take a very long time to make that transfer.”

      He explains, “We were forced to adjust our deadlines to be able to know that we were going to be able to transfer files in a timely manner. We would tend to adjust our files to lower their size.”

    • Beginning quotation mark  And we would literally ask everybody to get off the Internet because we needed to upload something.”

      Adrian Gonzalez, Principal and co-founder, Ronin Design Co.

    • Faster internet and a smooth install

    • Ronin Design Co. needed a faster Internet alternative— and they needed one that would be approved by their building’s management.

      “We all tend to be very forward thinking, like, ‘What’s the latest technology. What’s going to be the best thing that we can do?” says Gonzales. “One of my business partners suggested Verizon 5G Business Internet.”

      They knew Verizon 5G Business Internet would give them sufficient bandwidth for transferring its extra-large files, with fast, reliable, wireless connectivity. A Verizon technician was able to recommend placement options for the receiver that satisfied the building’s management that the install would be minimally invasive. 

      Gonzales explains, “Management needed a whole lot of details. It was great to have Verizon supply us with photographs and paperwork, and anything that they’d asked for that would show exactly what was going to be happening on the property. It was a very smooth process.”

  • Verizon technician installing internet equipment at Ronin Design Co.
    • More time for the actual work

    • Verizon arrived on location, installed the receiver, ran the wires and plugged in the router. Within minutes of turning on the router, 5G Business Internet connectivity was available. “I immediately started doing speed tests,” says Gonzales. “And it was surprisingly fast.”

      He says the speed his team now enjoys with Verizon 5G Business Internet should not only save them time, but actually enhance their design process.

      “It’s going to greatly impact the way we facilitate files to the client. The faster speeds are going to help us to not cut time out of our day for transferring files. It’s going to help us put more time into the actual work.”

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