Connectivity boosts energy company productivity. 

Keeping teams connected provides data insights to
improve user experience.


Outdated networks and insufficient network coverage were hindering the company’s plans.

  • Previous network investments offered poor efficiency, site performance and reliability
  • The end-user experience needed improvement
  • Employee productivity was limited by dated network technologies


Better connections—internally and to the cloud—gave the company the foundation it needed for growth.

  • Verizon Private IP MPLS Services provided secure access to headquarters from remote locations
  • 4G LTE backup mitigated supply chain risk
  • Secure Cloud Interconnect streamlined the integration of cloud


Secure connectivity made it easier and safer for the company’s employees to get their work done.

  • 120 disparate systems replaced by cloud
  • 800 deliveries daily supported by unified global communications
  • 50+ locations connected across four continents

How we built the solution.

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