Tate & Lyle sets
course for global
network expansion
with SD WAN.

A global supplier of food and beverage ingredients is
supporting business growth with Software-Defined
WAN (SD WAN) and the seamless addition of endpoints.


  • Legacy network infrastructure could not support the demands of growing, global business
  • Transport-agnostic infrastructure was needed to enable the seamless addition of new endpoints in remote plants in 28 countries
  • Company lacked visibility to maintain reliable application performance


  • Transformed outdated mixed technology network to a Managed SD WAN solution (through Versa Networks) with intelligent routing control
  • Verizon Managed Services installed remote circuits in challenging locations, such as a plant site in a Brazilian jungle


  • Facilitated endpoint policy deployment and configuration management through centralized dashboard
  • Helped control costs and reaped substantial savings by effectively using redundant network resources
  •  Improved performance by automatically routing traffic according to network quality and application requirements
  • Supported business growth by seamlessly adding endpoints wherever they were located


countries on three continents with operations


worksites for network makeover


cost savings

How we built the solution

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