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  • Customers don’t think about channels—they judge you on the overall experience

    The value of online transactions is growing every year. But that’s only part of the story. Nearly eight in 10 consumers (76%) interact with brands or products before arriving at the store[1]. Customers are researching brands online, responding to ads on social media, reading product blogs and online reviews—and all of this may happen before they even set foot in a store. They don’t think about what channels they’re using, they think about their overall experience—and so should you.

    Today’s customers move between channels as they travel along the path to purchase, and companies that make that a seamless experience will be rewarded at the checkout. Fortunately, digital can help retailers like you deliver a unified customer experience across both physical and online interactions.

    Next time you’re shopping in a bricks-and-mortar store, you could pull out your phone and save the item you’re interested in to an online shopping list. It’s a new era of convenient and customer-centric experiences.

  • Deliver a seamless experience

    Great customer experiences don’t start or end with a sale

    “You can’t return that here, it was bought online.”

    We’ve all experienced it. When a retailer’s organizational structure dictates the customer experience (CX). But that sort of thinking just isn’t fit for today.

    Your online business and stores may have different management teams, but customers don’t need to know that. Customers don’t care about your internal divisions. They care about having a great experience from that first search, through purchase to aftersales service and support. Get that right and they’ll come back, and they’ll tell their friends.

    To achieve this omnichannel model, retailers need to move past the traditional hierarchy of sales regions. With the internal silos removed, it’s much easier to bridge the gaps between online, mobile and in-store. And this goes beyond simple customer journey models, like click and collect, to deliver a seamless experience. It’s about allowing the customer to purchase from you when and how they please—and making it easy for them to do so.

  • See how technology is making great retail CX possible, in-store and online

    Take a look at some of the latest innovations that are shaking up retail, both online and in-store. And discover the technology that makes it all possible.

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