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WilsonPro and
weBoost cellular
signal amplification solutions

  • Give your in-building or in-vehicle wireless connectivity a boost.

  • Businesses often require wireless connectivity to be readily available when and where they need it. Sometimes, though, you may experience spotty service when you need it most, due to environmental interference, building materials or remote locations. Whether you’re a small business or enterprise, keeping on task or on mission—and productive—can be a challenge without reliable connectivity.

    The WilsonProTM in-building cellular signal amplification solution and weBoost® in-vehicle cellular signal booster can provide more reliable wireless coverage to help you overcome these issues. These solutions are offered through Verizon on a do-it-yourself or “coverage-as-a-solution” basis and work by taking a weak wireless signal, amplifying it, and then broadcasting that enhanced signal inside a building or vehicle to help increase coverage and reception.

  • How the WilsonPro cellular signal amplifier works: In-building

    The WilsonPro cellular signal amplifier communicates with nearby cell towers through an outside antenna. Received signals are amplified by the signal booster and broadcast throughout your building by the inside antenna.

    And unlike Wi-Fi connections, the WilsonPro cellular signal amplifier requires no logins and specific security measures to manage and maintain, so you can get up and going more quickly.

  • How the WilsonPro cellular signal amplifier works: In-vehicle

    If your business uses fleets or vehicles that travel long distances, you can still keep them connected. A weBoost cellular signal booster can improve wireless signals from cell towers scattered across remote areas for stronger coverage. The solution uses a combination of an inside antenna, outside antenna and power supply that installs easily on a variety of vehicles, including large trucks and SUVs. A weBoost cellular signal booster can help decrease dropped calls when on the road, while enhancing talk, text and internet service capabilities. Plus, it can support multiple users simultaneously to help your mobile workforce stay productive.

  • WilsonPro and weBoost benefits and capabilities

  • Both the WilsonPro cellular signal amplifier and weBoost cellular signal booster solutions enable wireless signal amplification to help you improve call quality and data reception. They help expand coverage in vehicles and in rural locations that may experience weak signals. Plus, they help boost signals in a variety of buildings, such as offices, hotels, warehouses and more, as well as for Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices.

    WilsonPro cellular signal amplifiers and weBoost cellular signal boosters can help keep your team better connected by detecting and boosting signals that are more faint than what’s normally detectable by mobile devices.

These solutions also offer:

  • Over-the-air signal amplification

    You can connect and boost signals wirelessly; no internet connection or backhaul needed.

  • Built-in network security

    WilsonPro cellular signal amplifiers and weBoost cellular signal boosters let you take advantage of the built-in security found in wireless carrier’s network.

  • Do-it-for-me or do-it-yourself installation

    You can purchase “coverage as a service” and let Wilson Electronics design, install, monitor and maintain your solution. Or you can purchase the equipment and design, install and maintain it yourself, with phone support from Wilson Electronics’ team of experts.

  • WilsonPro and weBoost in action

    WilsonPro cellular signal amplifiers and weBoost cellular signal boosters help increase wireless connectivity in vehicles, within buildings, and to IoT and M2M devices, giving you a stronger signal to help reduce connectivity disruption.

  • Wilson Pro Repeater

    Expand your IoT operations.

    Provide more reliable wireless coverage to IoT devices, so they stay connected and your business can run more smoothly.

  • Wilson Pro Increasing Building Coverage

    Increase in-building coverage.

    Tackle spotty wireless service inside buildings to help keep employees productive and tenants happy.

  • Wilson Pro Repeater

    Deliver consistent cell service to your fleets.

    Increase the wireless signals to your vehicles, which helps you better track and manage people and assets.

  • The Verizon advantage

  • We offer a portfolio of mobility and wireless connectivity products built around meeting your unique business challenges. Our experts will work directly with you to guide you through the process and find the right hardware to fit your needs and specific use cases. Plus, you’ll get service on a network that’s ranked highest for overall performance nationwide, according to RootMetrics.1

  • ¹ Based on RootMetrics® by IHS Markit's RootScore® Reports 2H 2019 of four mobile networks. Results may vary.

    Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon Business representative for service availability. Contact us.

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