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Grid Wide: Intelligent Water

Modernizing your water supply system is easier than you think.

  • Make every drop count.

  • Transforming an aging water system into an intelligent system is an enormous task. But the more you know about your water-supply system operations, the better. Grid Wide: Intelligent Water can make your modernization easier and delivers actionable data in near real-time to help you improve efficiency and conservation efforts.

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    What is this offering and why does it matter?

    Grid Wide: Intelligent Water is a fully scalable, secure, managed, hosted, cloud-based software platform as a service. 

    It includes software, hardware and wireless networking components that are fully integrated. It allows you to control how much and when you upgrade your water-supply system management infrastructure.

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    How does it address your industry needs?

    Intelligent water systems provide near real-time data and enable remote monitoring, management and control. They help improve conservation, efficiency and quality of supply while reducing nonrevenue water and improving customer service. Best of all, the Verizon solution helps you reduce the complexity and cost of a smart grid solution by integrating all the technologies you need for successful water systems modernization.

  • Smart water metering

    We’ve integrated the essential hardware, software, open and proprietary protocols, and 4G LTE components into a single, cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform-as-a-service solution.

    • Accurately pinpoint leaks and lower nonrevenue water
    • Monitor consumption and quality-of-water-supply information
    • Detect events and failures in near real time
    • Obtain billing and operational meter data
    • Manage service connects and disconnects
  • Distribution monitoring and control

    Use data to quickly make adjustments and better manage resources in changing conditions. Our distribution monitoring and control (DM&C) solution gives you a clearer view into your operations and assets like switches and sensors.

    • Collect and use near real-time data to improve service reliability and quality of supply
    • Quickly identify issues to decrease the duration and the number of customers affected
    • Monitor assets to keep them running optimally and upgrade based upon service versus time
  • Integrated reporting and data analytics

    Integrate our reporting and analytics with your field operations and communications systems to provide near real-time water-supply information to staff and field crews.

    • Get alerts via SMS and email
    • Visualize and pinpoint events and conditions within the distribution network 
    • Utilize the dashboard to get near real-time actionable information 
    • Detect leaks, backflow events and no-flow events
  • Security infrastructure services

    Our security infrastructure services can help you identify and mitigate risks to your infrastructure and devices.

    • Implement public key infrastructure (PKI) and pre-shared key (PSK) services
    • Provision and manage digital identities for managed devices
    • Leverage digital signing and authenticity services

Technologies that make Intelligent Water work

  • Networks

    Connecting smart meters to data stores requires a reliable, intelligent network. We have the reach and the resources to make connections happen, securely and efficiently.

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  • Mobile phones and devices

    Leverage our mobile solutions to deliver world-class service from the field while gathering insights into employee location and performance.

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  • IoT

    Our holistic machine-to-machine solutions can help collect and transmit information so you can automate processes, remotely monitor operations and track assets.

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  • Security and Protection

    Aging infrastructures and high-profile assets increase your channels of a data breach or malware attack. We can help you protect your infrastructure and information while addressing stringent security requirements.

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    An award-winning wireless network, and reliable IP and fiber infrastructure

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    5G leadership and advanced IoT integration for energy and utilities

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    Threat intel and security services

    Unprecedented insight into security threats plus detection, defense and continuity capabilities

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