Anticipate challenges, amplify effectiveness
and streamline decision-making processes.

Start with an intelligent plan.

When a breach occurs, a well-planned response is a necessity. After all, every moment counts when navigating the fire drill that occurs during a serious attack on your network.

Verizon’s Incident Response Planning helps you develop the detection technologies, systems and handling processes you need when responding to an event. Our visibility across our global network allows us to develop strategic and tactical cyber intelligence few can match.

And by analyzing daily security events at our Threat Research Advisory Center, we help you develop the right processes and protocols to handle any incident. 

What is Incident Response Planning?

Our Incident Response Planning provides a systematic approach to response readiness and effective decision-making in the event of a cyber incident or breach, based on your unique circumstances. Our methods enable you to better facilitate incident response coordination, efficiently challenge assumptions and identify areas of continuous improvement.

How does Incident Response Planning work?

Our Incident Response Planning begins with an assessment of your existing incident response plans and capabilities, along with interviews with key leaders and stakeholders. We can also test your incident response plans through a variety of services, such as executive or technical table top exercises and red/blue/purple team simulations to identify critical gaps and recommend improvements to your incident response capabilities and playbooks. 

Features & benefits    

Our Incident Response Planning helps you identify gaps in your plan, define stakeholder roles, establish communications and escalation processes, boost collaboration and increase executive awareness to advance your security agenda. Other features and benefits include:

  • Simulations. Test your plan against actual breach situations to prove readiness
  • Speed response. Limit dwell time and better set the stage for incident triage
  • Added intelligence. Improve the acquisition and use of cyber threat intelligence
  • Benchmarking. Understand how well you perform against similar companies


years of security experience


Security Operations Centers worldwide


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Strengthen your security position.

The digital transformation of business introduces both opportunities and risks. Our health checks and assessments, performed by a team of security experts, combine on-site methods, internet traffic pattern analysis, and the expertise of our team of experts that focus on research, investigations, solutions, and knowledge to help you better prepare for, recognize and respond to threats.

Managed & professional services

The Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center draws from Verizon’s global public IP backbone to fuel applied intelligence solutions that can strengthen cyberattack detection and recovery. Customers harness the power of this intelligence platform to recognize and react to today’s more sophisticated cyber threats. Our world-class services and security professionals, including one of the largest teams of PCI Qualified Security Assessors anywhere, are always ready to help you meet your security challenges.


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  • Respond with intelligence.

  • Use Verizon research and findings to assess your cybersecurity posture.

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