Secure Gateway

Combine the secure reach and broad capacity of private networks with the convenience of the public internet.

  • Get reliable, encrypted access to remote locations.

  • Delivered through a cloud-based port, Secure Gateway extends your WAN environments to remote locations and users. With this fully managed, centralized gateway security, your customers and employees can use a variety of wireless and broadband access options to securely connect and collaborate virtually anytime and virtually anywhere. 

Secure Gateway is best for:

  • Buildings


    Enterprises that have remote offices and retail locations that need access to the private WAN through public internet

  • Building icon


    Medium-sized businesses that utilize Private IP but want to use public internet as a cost-effective backup

  • topsSMB


    Organizations with a large mobile workforce that need reliable, secure access to company resources


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    What is it?

    Secure Gateway services enable Private IP customers to provide secure remote access to applications on their corporate network and secure access to the public internet from remote locations. 

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    How does it help you?

    Extend your network to remote workers, smaller sites that may not need premium connections and remote locations that are hard to reach while helping to keep employees productive.

Features that focus on security

These Secure Gateway features help you stay ready to scale bandwidth quickly when demands increase.

  • Encrypted

    Give employees secure access to critical information and apps virtually anywhere.

  • Control

    Gain control over access to the services on your network.

  • Scalable

    Quickly add bandwidth and connect new sites to corporate resources with wired or wireless access.

  • Secure

    Get the latest software—and the peace of mind that comes from having a fully managed solution.

  • Reliable

    Give your employees the access they need, when they need it.


Service options

Secure Gateway supports any number—or all three—of our managed network service options.

  • Secure Gateway: Retail and Remote Office

    Securely connect small or home offices or retail locations to your network. Create an affordable backup option for remote offices on a Private IP connection.

  • Secure Gateway: Mobile Client

    Give mobile workers a secure VPN connection to your network. The mobile client supports split tunneling, so users can securely access corporate and public resources simultaneously.

  • Secure Gateway: Firewall

    Protect your users with a managed, network-based firewall. This secure internet gateway option can help centralize your security management and mitigate the risk of connecting to the internet.

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