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Perform near real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization with our full packet capture solution delivered from the cloud.

Gain deep visibility into your network for threat analysis, discovery and action. 

At a time when you are challenged more than ever to secure the digital infrastructure at the core of your operations, you need a technology foundation for security that unifies network threat detection, forensics and integrated response.

Network Detection and Response is the evolution of effective, efficient and accessible network security. You need no specialized hardware to rapidly deploy Network Detection and Response in any segment of the modern network — enterprise, cloud, industrial, IoT and 5G — to see all activities and record everything for comprehensive analysis, discovery and action.

What is Network Detection and Response?

Network Detection and Response delivers network visibility, threat detection and forensic analysis of suspicious activities. This service dramatically accelerates the ability for organizations to respond to and identify future attacks before they become serious events.

How does Network Detection and Response work?

This threat detection and response service captures, optimizes and stores network traffic from multiple infrastructures in a single cloud haystack. Massive amounts of data are presented to you in an intuitive, immersive interface so you can analyze, proactively hunt and take action on security events and observations.

Give your security team an easy-to-navigate system to more quickly act on threat intelligence.

Learn how Network Detection and Response integrates with your existing security investments for a more complete detection and visibility of threats and rapid incident response.

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  • Features & benefits

    Network Detection and Response is a cloud-delivered network security platform that helps you take action against threats and identify future threats with speed, accuracy and scale. Other features and benefits include:

    • Visibility: See and interact with data recorded over time and stored in the cloud
    • Value: Deploy rapidly without the cost and complexity of hardware
    • Effectiveness: Accelerate incident response and threat hunting with advanced forensics
    • Control: Have complete context from network to endpoint, filtering data to prioritize threats and reduce noise


    data analyzed per day by Network Detection and Response


    security events processed yearly (on average)


    years of security experience

    Ahead of the curve.

    See how we're leading the evolution of network security.

    Managed & professional services

    The Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center draws from Verizon’s global public IP backbone to fuel applied intelligence solutions that can strengthen cyberattack detection and recovery. Integrated across our solution suite, customers harness the power of this intelligence platform to recognize and react to today’s more sophisticated cyber threats. Our world-class services and security professionals, including one of the largest teams of PCI Qualified Security Assessors anywhere, are ready to help you meet your security challenges.

    • Verizon is named a leader by 2022 Omdia Universe for Global IT Security Services.

      Verizon is recognized as a leader in the latest Omdia Universe Global IT Security Services Universe Report. Market Leaders offer the most comprehensive, well-integrated, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions available globally. Leaders also have above-average customer experience scores.

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