Streamline your internet, voice and data over a single, reliable, secure IP network.

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  • Grow your business with fewer moving parts.

  • Business Connection is a bundled solution for business that combines Verizon internet, data and phone services over a single network. It delivers performance with fast, dedicated internet service and simplifies your infrastructure, keeping you free to effectively run your business.

Business Connection is best for:

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    Small businesses looking for cost savings, simplicity and performance for both internet and voice

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    Medium-sized and large enterprises that want to simplify their infrastructure and integrate with existing systems

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    Organizations that need expert assistance, 24/7 support and extensive SLAs

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    What is it?

    Business Connection is an all-in-one voice and internet solution to carry voice and data over one IP network. It’s designed to work with most existing systems, so it won’t require costly extra infrastructure. It also can come with installation and ongoing maintenance.

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    How does it help you?

    Improve productivity and simplify your infrastructure with a simple, reliable platform to help your employees communicate, perform and collaborate. And by combining your internet, data and phone service with Verizon, you get a cost-effective bundle on a single network you can trust.

Features and benefits

Take advantage of Business Connection with these features.

  • Fast, reliable internet

    Get fast, dedicated internet service and connect over T1 or Ethernet lines with firewall security.

  • VoIP phone service

    Leverage powerful calling features and unlimited local calling within the U.S.

  • Flexible phone plans

    Choose the right Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system for your organization, with unlimited local calling within the U.S. and helpful calling features.

  • System integration

    Integrate with analog or digital hand-off to work with your existing PBX or Key System.

  • Verizon support

    Achieve peace of mind and reduce IT workload with 24/7 expert support, including installation and maintenance, as well as extensive SLAs.

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