Identity & access management (IAM) solutions

Protect your assets while providing your people and devices with frictionless access to approved resources.

  • Make it easier to control access to your information and network.

  • Simplifying access controls, permissions and account provisioning can help you make sure you’re properly protecting your critical information and resources from unauthorized access. Verizon Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions can help with that simplification, as well as help provide seamless login experiences for authorized users and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

  • Verizon ID

  • Verizon ID uses the power of distributed ledger-based technology to revolutionize identity management and simplify user experiences. Using biometrics and user information stored in secure digital identity safes, it helps eliminate the need for IDs and passwords. 

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  • Passwordless authentication

    Uses next-generation contact-free authentication solutions powered by advanced biometrics to eliminate passwords.

  • Reliable protection

    Uses encryption, biometrics, multifactor authentication and distributed ledger to ensure transparent security.

  • Integrated PKI Authentication

  • A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform to help secure your network architecture.

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  • Secure and seamless

    Create unified access policies to harden your security posture while speeding up authentication. 

  • Cost control

    Reduce investments in internal resources and minimize expenses with usage-based pricing.

  • Identity and Access Management Services

  • As your network infrastructure and apps expand, securing access to those resources and staying compliant without impacting productivity can become extremely difficult. Our services can help take the complexity out of those efforts.

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  • Centralized permissions visibility

    Get a big-picture view into user permissions with deeper insights into who can access what.

  • Simple control

    Automate monitoring, reporting, certification, exception handling and remediation of permissions.

  • Software Defined Perimeter

  • To help you defeat network-based attacks, Software Defined Perimeter applies a zero-trust approach to networking for remote-access, internal network segmentation and cloud applications.

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  • Airtight networks

    Allows only authorized users on authorized devices to access protected apps.

  • High-performing security

    Deploys easily and delivers fast performance so employees stay productive and resources remain safe.

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      Discover how a well-managed IAM solution can help foster more secure transactions between people, applications and devices while helping prevent attackers from tampering with your devices and data. 

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  • Espionage health check

    Quickly assess risks to prevent illicit access of confidential data.

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