Retail bank modernizes network to enhance growth.

Faster speed helps improve digital services connections and customer engagement.


A slow and dated network kept this retail bank from moving its business into the future.

  • A new retail banking app deployment exposed branch network limitations
  • Newly modernized open workspaces needed more secure Wi-Fi
  • Branch network speeds needed to scale to meet current and future demands


The retail bank moved toward its goal of carrier agnostic WAN transport and migrate its WAN traffic growth to secure Internet transport.

  • SD WAN increased network speeds and added the ability to separate prioritized apps on network components
  • Increased the speed of scalability at branches by migrating to Ethernet
  • Enabled secure Wi-Fi access in branches for new mobile workspaces


The retail bank was able to easily scale thousands of locations with centralized administration and improved traffic prioritization.

  • 10 state regional banking presence
  • 1000+ branches upgraded to Ethernet
  • Thousands of employees gaining improved mobility

How we built the solution.

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