Manufacturing Logistics

Improve supply chain efficiency with near real-time logistics.


Efficient, well-coordinated operations can help keep manufacturers profitable and competitive. Issues with transportation delays, subpar storage conditions, theft and disorganization can weaken an organization. Manufacturers need end-to-end visibility into product conditions, while in transit and within facilities, to improve predictability and responsiveness. Manufacturers can also be concerned with:

  • Minimizing production downtime by aligning schedules and deliveries
  • Improving quality control and resource efficiency
  • Enabling delivery automation and product forecasting
  • Creating transparency across the supply chain
  • Controlling storage and delivery conditions  



A Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and multi-access edge computing (MEC) solution can power artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies that can help improve supply chain efficiency. The solution can provide end-to-end near real-time logistic controls. It can help manufacturers:

  • Accurately forecast inventory arrival times through tracking of items, pallets and vehicles equipped with sensors
  • Provide alerts and updates through an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Provide data for greater insight into bottlenecks and other production and distribution issues
  • Scan products, pallets and vehicles automatically and relay data to an ERP system
  • Trace faulty items back to origin and investigate the cause of fault
  • Automatically dispatch replacements for delayed or damaged goods
  • Supplement product tracking using cameras, sensors and MEC


Manufacturers can use AI and AR technology to optimize product movement throughout the delivery chain, providing deep visibility into location and ETA, and optimizing just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and staff resourcing. The 5G and MEC solution can also help manufacturers:

  • Minimize production downtime by aligning production and delivery schedules
  • Automate ordering and fault identification in the delivery chain to boost efficiency and reduce human error
  • Improve labor efficiency and loading bay use through accurate incoming delivery ETA reporting
  • Minimize turnaround time of trucks and pallets loading and unloading
  • Monitor and control storage environments across the delivery chain to ensure the safety and integrity of items
  • Control environmental impacts by using near real-time data to consolidate and streamline delivery and distribution processes
  • Leverage data to increase transparency and build trust with partners and vendors

Supporting Stats

  • U.S. freight transportation system moved 49.5M tons of goods valued at more than $52.7B each day in 20151
  •  Asset tracking and inventory management market is expected to grow to $30B globally by 2026 (compound annual growth rate of 13% from 2018)2
  •  Potential margin improvements of 6 to 10% from optimized supply chain.3



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