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Message Archive

Store and protect sensitive business information with Message Archive’s documentation capabilities.

  • Improve your strategy for archiving key communications.

  • Capture and store business text messages sent and received from corporate-enabled Verizon Wireless mobile devices. Message Archive helps you protect all your messages and drive compliance with employee communication policies.

Message Archive is best for:

  • International


    Large institutions that need specific documentation on activities among employees, customers and business partners

  • Government icon


    Government agencies that have to comply with specific regulatory requirements

  • Laptop protection


    Organizations archiving communications for e-discovery or litigation protection

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    What is it?

    Message Archive captures SMS, MMS and group text messages so they can be archived with a customer’s storage vendor. Customers can also separately purchase Verizon’s cloud-based Business and Enterprise Messaging service for text messaging.

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    How does it help you?

    Meet government and financial regulatory compliance and audits, support litigation and e-discovery requests, monitor your mobile workforce’s use of text messaging, store messages for customer service training, and capture business discussions to stay compliant with employee communications policies.

Features and benefits of Message Archive

Protect all your messages and drive compliance with regulations and employee communication policies with these features.

  • Coverage

    Capture and archive messages across the Verizon Wireless network.

  • Device support

    Stay supported with corporate-enabled Verizon Wireless devices.

  • Simplicity

    Let us manage the mobile app so your IT managers can focus on core business functions.

  • Ease of use

    Set up archiving with partner vendors and watch it work. Text Messaging is already installed and enabled for use. 

  • Archiving choices

    Store messages with Smarsh®, with TeleMessage or on a server within your own IT environment.

  • Streamlined user experience

    Use your business mobile devices as usual, while we archive SMS and MMS messages in the background.


    • Make it easier to capture and archive all SMS and MMS messages.

      Whether you’re a government agency, financial institution, insurance company or law firm, you have one thing in common with other organizations: You have specific business needs when it comes to documenting what goes on between employees, customers and business partners. Message Archive can help.

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