Network Based IVR Services

Help improve customer interactions,
reduce frustration and increase

Deliver personalized customer experiences by directing callers to the right resource.

Enabling callers with self-service interactive voice response (IVR) applications can not only enhance the overall customer experience, but can significantly improve your contact center productivity. Providing choices, collecting information and then routing callers to an appropriate resource when needed helps reduce customer frustration and increase first resolution interactions.

Controlling call routing within our network and passing the information to your ACD(s) can make multiple contact centers act as one. For instance, you may want to advertise a single 800 vanity number, but may want to route calls to many different departments.

What is Network Based IVR?

A service that tightly couples signaling and functionality from our Advanced Toll Free and IP networks to deliver the intelligent routing and call treatment required by today's contact centers.  Providing automated attendant treatment and routing for inbound calls using customer inputs and network functionality, IVR enables callers to reach the right resource the first time or to be transferred without having to make a new call.  

How does Network Based IVR work?

Inbound calls are routed using a combination of callers' menu choices, originating automatic number identification (ANI), time of day, database look-ups, caller-entered digits, and/or destination labels provided by customer systems. Network Based IVR is scalable, adapting to applications from simple menu routing to complex systems that require more advanced features. We can combine services and features to make sophisticated and unique business solutions.

Features & benefits

We provide uniform call processing and cost control by pre-processing calls in our network before they tie up your customer bandwidth, CPE, and agent resources. Combined with SIP trunking, greater levels of flexibility can be realized due to the inherent IVR functionality which continues to provide cost-efficiencies and value because it extends the application capabilities of a customer's IP contact center(s).

We provide robust call treatment, routing and transferring functionality at the network level and provides a high level of flexibility and scalability, along with usage-based pricing.

  • Simulate one center.  Multiple diverse contact centers can have single “front door”
  • Transfer to appropriate resources based upon user inputs and other data
  • Integrate with in-house database to route calls

Why Verizon is different

By using our network based IVR, you don’t tie up on premise resources and pay for what you need.

On Premise IVR Verizon Network IVR
Hardware/Software Equipment and maintenance Opex vs Capex
Size for busy hour Usage based pricing
Lead time for implementation Easy to implement
Additional resources need while users input Small number of resources required (Communication, ports, agents)

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