Zero Trust
Network Access (ZTNA) Solutions

Protect users, apps and data virtually anywhere.

Protect users, apps, and data on any device, virtually anywhere.

Companies are moving to a ‘Zero Trust’ model of cyber security which takes the approach that no users or devices are to be trusted without continuous verification, while limiting potential system response latency. With mobile and remote office workers now using cloud-based applications, businesses need to protect weaknesses around the network perimeter, as well as fragmented network traffic that are vulnerable to attacks. 

Verizon’s Zero Trust Dynamic Access provides a zero trust cloud security solution for secure access to the open internet, cloud applications, private applications and data, and public cloud services.  that helps you defend your business. Acting as both a first and last line of defense, this service protects users, apps, and data on any device, while maintaining performance and eliminating the need to backhaul traffic or use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). At Verizon, we help you keep up with rapidly changing cyber threats by processing more than one million security events every day at our global network operations centers and security operations centers.   

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What is Zero Trust Dynamic Access?

Zero Trust Dynamic Access is specifically designed to meet the cybersecurity needs of today’s distributed organizations. Built for the cloud as a SaaS offering, Zero Trust Dynamic Access can help to defend today’s complex and decentralized networks, branch offices, and the remote and mobile users that depend on them.  This gives you an extensive, powerful defense system that protects your networks, branch offices, and remote users. It’s a line of defense for your users, apps, and data on any device, virtually anywhere

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How does Zero Trust Dynamic Access work?

Built on an innovative distributed cloud architecture platform, this security solution combines the non-physical cloud nodes and optional physical nodes to help you deploy strong security across locations and devices, on- and off-network, regardless of the operating system (OS) you use. 

Defend against malware. Mitigate data loss. Learn how Zero Trust

Dynamic Access allows your employees to connect to critical SaaS, cloud and on-prem resources securely from virtually anywhere. The unique containerized multi-tenant cloud architecture delivers a single, unified service for security, compliance and connectivity. Zero Trust Dynamic Access delivers a SaaS hybrid security solution based on zero trust architecture principles:

  • Identity – Identify all users, resources, and sensitive data
  • Access Control – Least privilege access, MFA, ZTA not VPN
  • Threat Protection – Endpoints are not trusted
  • Visibility – Inline activity monitoring & real time threat detection
  • Automation – Leverage automation / orchestration
Zero Trust Dynamic Access

Features & benefits

Verizon’s Secure Cloud Gateway delivers a secure and distributed web gateway service from the cloud, with security policy and compliance enforcement, cloud application controls, and the visibility and protection you need to defend your cloud-based networks. Other features and benefits include: 

  • Flexible. Transition seamlessly from on-premise appliances to the cloud
  • Deep view. Detect threats quickly through content filtering and malware prevention
  • Affordable. Limit hardware purchases with a scalable SaaS subscription model
  • Extensive: Protect users, devices, and locations, on- and off-premise, regardless of OS


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