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    Digital transformation is more than a buzzword, it’s at the heart of business strategies across all industry segments and markets. Our Global Integrated Solutions team is dedicated to helping clients solve their most complex transformation challenges.

  • Today’s business and technology landscapes are changing faster than ever. As a result, digital transformation is now at the heart of business strategies across all industry segments and markets. In fact, IDC predicts that two-thirds of CEOs of G2000 companies will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategies by the end of the year. Organizations that do not apply new technology to transform their operations and customer experience are at risk of becoming irrelevant—or worse.

    We can help you solve that. Our Global Integrated Solutions (GIS) team is dedicated to working with clients to provide a smooth, cost-effective and low-risk digital transformation. We have helped some of the world’s largest enterprises solve their most complex IT integration challenges, including:

    • Connecting users to the cloud
    • Business units responding to unforeseen demand and risk
    • Performance management support for global application consumption
    • Secure but agile communication
    • Mobile and high definition collaboration
    • Delivering differentiated multi-channel customer experiences

    The digital initiatives that drive growth rely on the speed and resiliency of your network. Staying ahead of changing market conditions and network demands can be challenging as new hardware deployments and reconfiguration requests can take weeks or months to handle.

    From transition planning, automated discovery and transformation to integrated service automation and service delivery management, our GIS team can help speed up your processes and make your business more agile.

    Verizon can help transform your infrastructure to support your digital goals and successfully integrate new solutions like software defined networking (SDN), dynamic wireless LAN, security analytics and network functions virtualization (NFV) to automate and simplify your network. We have invested $17.1B in 2016 and continue to make significant investments to drive innovation and build the operational environment needed to implement and manage these technologies.

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  • Transform your business and your network

  • Managing business demands and creating a differentiated customer experience is more challenging today than ever before. Information Technology & Security leaders managing various service providers are facing variable SLAs, supplier finger pointing and potentially incompatible solutions.

    Our GIS team provides customized integration services for each vertical market, multinational corporations and public sector institutions to deploy these end-to-end services. We can transform how your network operates, helping you improve how you do business and interact with customers. The focus is on driving growth while managing risk and improving the overall customer experience.

    We work with top global technology providers to integrate world-class products and services into a highly customized, streamlined solution. Our GIS team can quickly transform and automate your IT operations driving better customer experiences virtually anywhere, anytime – for any end-user.

    Verizon’s Global Integration Solutions help you:

    Person GraphicTie back SLAs for collaboration, customer experience and network performance to your desired business outcomes

    Security GraphicProvide cyber security confidence to the board of directors and lines of business

    Checkmark GraphicOffer more solution choices to the business

    Arrows Pointed in Different Directions GraphicOperate with less complexity and more transparency

    Globe GraphicDeliver SLAs around the globe for voice, video, collaboration and network performance

    Double Square GraphicTest and deploy technologies which give your business a competitive edge

    Gold Cup GraphicRely on your partner, Verizon, to deliver world class transition and service delivery experience


    We select from our proven products and services, and where necessary, third party portfolios to give you a complete custom solution. In particular, if our customers prefer to purchase local transport in some regions, we can integrate those services into the infrastructure, and in many cases manage the operation end-to-end. If a full network overhaul is not needed, we’ll design a hybrid solution of current and new services to help reduce risk.

  • Discover what a trusted IT integration partner can do.

  • For organizations that are expanding around the world or transforming their IT operations, Verizon is a proven partner. Whether it’s a complete IT infrastructure transformation or a move to the cloud, we can take care of everything—network, security, business communications, cloud, mobility, Internet of Things and more. Experience matters. Make Verizon your global integration partner.

    See how Verizon has helped solve transformation challenges for some of the world’s largest global enterprises.

  • Airplane WingExpand with confidence.

    An international airline, challenged with disparate, legacy systems and outdated technology, was unable to keep pace with competitors and losing customer loyalty. They turned to Verizon to help make their check-in technology easier for customers to use and to improve network and telephony performance, as well as security.

    Our GIS team transformed the airline’s IT infrastructure as it took off in even more markets around the world. We standardized hundreds of IT systems for the airline and integrated hosted cloud, IP telephony and contact center solutions. We also built a new e-commerce system on Verizon Cloud and integrated the airline’s network, security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. The result: A better customer experience, increased loyalty and improved employee productivity.

    International airline

  • Woman in Yellow Dress Working on ComputerDeliver seamless customer experiences.

    A global retailer needed to delight customers with better experiences to improve loyalty and engagement. An outdated infrastructure prevented employees at remote locations from accessing critical applications. As a result, the customer and employee experiences were inconsistent from one location to another.

    Our GIS team helped the retailer solve that by integrating the company’s disparate global IT infrastructure across more than 1,000 sites and created a single private cloud, creating IT cost efficiencies and strengthening security and reliability. The team also integrated IP telephony and contact center, security and data center services, so the retailer can deliver seamless experiences to its employees and customers.

    Global retailer

  • Two Firemen Looking at TabletDrive efficiency and control costs.

    A disaster relief organization needed to modernize its network to control costs and improve operational efficiencies. At the same time, they wanted to enhance the overall customer experience.

    Our GIS team developed a solution leveraging Verizon’s Managed SD WAN Services Platform while seamlessly integrating other solutions, such as mobility, security and public/private cloud applications, replacing older, disparate legacy technologies. This network infrastructure transformation delivered an agile architecture that better enables this organization to help those in critical need.

    Disaster relief organization

  • Thumb Up ImageDrive efficiency and control costs.

    We empower you to thrive by delivering the connected world simply, securely and reliably. We have more than 160,000 employees around the world, and we own and operate one of the largest and most reliable networks on the planet. We have invested billions of dollars to evolve our technology to stay ahead of where you need us to be.

    With services in more than 150 countries, we provide solutions for thousands of enterprises and government agencies, including 93% of the Fortune 1000.

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