Grid Wide: Intelligent Energy solutions

Energy and utility companies are turning to advanced technologies to modernize aging infrastructure and create smarter grids.

  • The smarter, more modern grid designed at an intelligent pace

  • Building an intelligent energy grid is an enormous and complex undertaking. Verizon Grid Wide: Intelligent Energy simplifies the path to a smarter electric grid and helps you modernize at your own pace. We help you plan, implement and scale according to your business needs.

  • Industrial workers by water pipes

    What is this offering and why does it matter?

    Intelligent Energy integrates several technologies and solutions that work together to more easily enhance grid transformation. This can make it easier to use Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services to connect your operations with near real-time data and help simplify some of the complexity of grid modernization.

  • Industrial water pipes

    How does it address your industry needs?

    While Intelligent Energy helps you modernize your grid, it also helps you become more efficient in overall operations. Improve efficiency, control costs, balance grid loads and reduce service downtime—all while enhancing the customer experience and promoting conservation.

  • Intelligent Energy Smart Metering

    Our Intelligent Energy Smart Metering offering includes a comprehensive suite of smart metering capabilities with remote meter provisioning, configuration, monitoring, control and management to help you better pinpoint outages and manage service.

    • Remotely manage billing and operational smart energy meter systems
    • Access data in industry-standard formats to monitor consumption and supply quality, as well as detect events and failures in near real time
    • Inform customers when defined thresholds exceed a certain level through automated alerts
  • Distribution monitoring and control

    Gain a clearer view into your grid operations with our distribution monitoring and control service. This gives you near real-time voltage information along with other key quality-of-supply data that help you respond to changing loads, generation issues and equipment failures.

    • Collect smart energy information wirelessly to perform proactive maintenance and help improve service reliability and supply quality
    • Identify issues more quickly and decrease the length of outages

Intelligent Energy powered by smart technology

  • Networks

    Connecting smart meters to data stores requires a reliable, intelligent network. We have the reach and the resources to make the connection happen, securely and efficiently.

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  • Mobile phones and devices

    Mobile devices provide your workforce with tools and information to deliver world-class service, even from the field. Insights into employee location and performance also help increase productivity and control costs.

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  • IoT

    Throughout your smart grids, machines reliably collect and transmit vital information to back-end management systems. You can use this data to automate processes, remotely monitor operations and track assets across distances.


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  • Security

    Aging infrastructures and high-profile assets increase your chances of a data breach or malware attack. Protecting your infrastructure and information—and addressing stringent security requirements—is more vital than ever.

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