One Talk

When calls come through, make sure you’re reachable—when and where you want to be. One Talk provides small and medium-sized businesses with one number that can connect to your compatible desk phones and smartphones, so every call can be treated like the opportunity it is.

  • When opportunity calls, answer with One Talk.

  • Boost productivity and deliver customer service you can stand behind. One Talk assigns one number that rings multiple compatible mobile devices, desk phones and PCs, which means fewer missed calls and more opportunities to connect.

One Talk is best for:

  • Store


    Small and medium-sized businesses that rely on an agile team to respond to calls in the office and on the go

  • Phone ringing


    Businesses where calls can’t be missed


  • Headset


    Teams that rely on seamless, rich communication options—sales, service and more

One Talk desk phones

  • Enhanced quality. Advanced features. Seamless integration. One Talk desk phones* let you answer every call with confidence.

    Broadband connection is required for One Talk desk phones.
  • CP960 IP

    CP960 IP

  • VZP59


  • T41S

    T41S IP

  • T41SW


  • T42S IP

    T42S IP

  • T46S IP

    T46S IP

  • T46SW IP

    T46SW IP



  • CP920 IP

    CP920 IP

  • Choosing One Talk for your business

  • Multiple Devices

    Move freely across devices.

    Switch seamlessly between your desk phone and your smartphone.

  • Phone ringing

    Reduce missed calls

    Calls ring on your mobile and desk phones, so customers can reach you even on the go.

  • Chart with up arrow

    Boost your communications.

    Enjoy conferencing, automated receptionist capabilities and more.

Product features

One Talk offers more than 50 business-friendly features on compatible desk phones and select Android® or iOS mobile devices.

  • One number

    Mobile and desk phones share a number and ring through at the same time so you don’t miss a call.

  • Auto receptionist

    Incoming calls are answered automatically and customers can quickly connect with the people or department they need.

  • Hunt Group

    If someone on your team is unavailable, automatically route calls to someone else so calls don’t go unanswered.

  • Conferencing

    Give everyone on your team a say with conference call capabilities for up to six people at once.

  • Group forwarding

    Route calls to specific mobile employees, or forward calls from multiple lines to the same number for after-hours call coverage and business continuity when your office is closed.

  • Schedule

    Be there for your customers—set hours of operation and holidays and easily redirect to an answering service, voicemail or employee in another time zone.

Frequently asked questions +
  • Can I use my existing telephone number as my One Talk number?

    Yes, you can use an existing mobile or landline number as your One Talk number.

    If you want to use an existing number that isn’t serviced through Verizon Wireless, you can port your number to Verizon Wireless and add the One Talk feature to your devices. Number porting is available from mobile and landline services in the U.S. within the Verizon Wireless service area.

    Which smartphones support the One Talk mobile app? 

    You can add the One Talk service to any iOS (version 10.3 or newer) or Android (6.0 Marshmallow or newer) smartphone or tablet, including those purchased through a service provider other than Verizon.

    If your employee has a personal phone with service through a provider other than Verizon, that phone could still be eligible for One Talk. If eligible, the One Talk mobile app must be installed on that device and the user will then have two phone numbers, his/her personal phone number and a second One Talk phone number.

    Can I use my existing desk phones with One Talk? 

    No, One Talk requires new desk phones from Verizon that have built-in functionality and services for security and easy installation. 

    Who can I contact with more questions about One Talk?

    To contact a One Talk expert, call 800.526.3178 or visit https://www.verizon.com/business/contact-us/

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