Knowledge Assist

Give your agents the answers they need at their fingertips.

Help agents help themselves.

When customers pose critical questions to your business, they expect fast and efficient service, even when they’re dealing with virtual agents. Knowledge Assist uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help agents in your contact center resolve customer issues quickly, accurately and consistently.

What is Knowledge Assist?

Knowledge Assist is an AI-driven knowledge base integrated into contact center and virtual agents’ desktops to deliver up-to-date, accurate answers and guidance. Our solution helps your agents understand the intent of customers’ questions, provide consistent answers across channels, build trust and drive customer conversations.

How does Knowledge Assist work?

Knowledge Assist uses AI to empower your contact center agents with accurate, relevant information in real time. It blends highly crafted responses, integrates to relevant data sources, and reads internal and external websites and documents to create an evolving knowledge base that assembles the most relevant information.

Features & benefits

Knowledge Assist empowers your agents to provide quick, accurate and consistent answers, while helping improve performance and efficiency. 

  • Multiple sources. Expand the knowledge base using data from trusted sources
  • Authoring tool. Collaboratively build content enterprise-wide with workflow automation
  • Learner tool. Understand what questions agents are asking and how they are answered
  • Rich content. Get answers suited to each question, including images, video and web pages

Why Verizon Knowledge Assist?

  • An AI-driven knowledge base that can be integrated directly into the agent desktop to deliver answers and guidance
  • A centralized knowledge base with a single, business-user-friendly solution that allows for easy workflows and review
  • Ability to access information across multiple enabled sources
  • Ability to crawl internal and external websites and documents to make use of existing content

Managed & Professional services

We can provide you with an end-to-end portfolio of customer experience (CX)-related professional services, including consultation, system integrations, solution performance monitoring, analysis and training. This includes a comprehensive e-learning program along with an initial onsite training for all knowledge authors and content providers. 

Managed services, which are included with Knowledge Assist, will provide you with ongoing performance evaluation, configuration changes and consultation so you can make additional improvements over time.