Manufacturing and automotive technology solutions

Manufacturing and Automotive Solutions

From the shop floor to the back office, automotive and manufacturing technology helps you create products your customers want, while bringing them to market faster and controlling costs. How? By connecting and automating processes at every step: from R&D to the day your product hits the shelves—or the road.

  • Leverage new manufacturing technology to transform your business.

  • The manufacturing and automotive industry is experiencing revolutionary change. Advanced technology is helping shorten lead times, customize products, and place the right orders at the right time.

    Manufacturing and automotive technology is also helping manufacturers:

    • Manage equipment remotely to improve efficiency and drive down costs.
    • Better analyze data so you can adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs.
    • Protect your business from cyber threats.

  • Real solutions

    Real solutions to help solve your production challenges.

  • Whether it’s supply chain management or product distribution, technology and innovation are driving change. Take mobility for example. More than 75% of manufacturers use, or plan to use, mobile technology to boost operational excellence.1

  • Improving flexibility

  • The newest manufacturing technologies can help simplify, automate and improve business operations from inventory control to employee training. As a result, your business can more proactively meet changing customer needs, or capitalize on emerging market trends.

  • Scaling to demand

  • With so much operational information being generated from smart devices and connected machines, ask yourself: Can your infrastructure handle the volume? Cloud technologies can help you quickly scale your computing resources to accommodate the increase—so you can focus on growing your business and meeting demand.

    Forecast demand using insights from Big Data

Core Technologies

Discover the solutions that drive technology and professional services organizations.

  • Networks and Advanced Communications

  • A secure, reliable network is the backbone of manufacturing and automotive companies, enabling disparate technologies to work together and communicate seamlessly across your entire supply chain.

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  • Internet of Things

  • Get an accurate view of equipment and your overall supply chain with connected machines and sensors, which deliver real-time information about product performance and user behavior.

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  • Security

  • Protect your data and sensitive customer information, whether it’s stored in the cloud or moving throughout your supply chain between customers and suppliers.

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  • Go with a one-stop-shop integration partner.

  • Let us take on all your IT challenges around the world, while you run your business. We customize a portfolio of Verizon and top third-party technologies into one solution so you get better business results.

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1Pamela Oldham, "Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy in Real Time," IndustryWeek, August 9, 2011.



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