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  • The age of trust. Series II.

    Securing our future

    Australia is faced with a shifted workforce and increased pressure on its sovereign resilience, which is driving a strong focus on everything from critical infrastructure and manufacturing to robotics and the way businesses work. The fourth industrial revolution and the broader threat landscape are now upon us with the meaningful application of 5G and IoT connected devices. The Age of Trust podcast takes a deeper dive into what this means for businesses and governments.

  • Episode 1:
    Maintaining resilience during economic fragility

    Rear Admiral Lee Goddard - CSC, RAN, Head of Partnership Ecosystem, Government Relations and Operations at the Minderoo Foundation and Rob Le Busque - Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific at Verizon, talk with InnovationAus about the pandemic disruption of the last 18 months and how it has driven revolutionary change.

  • Episode 2:
    Trusted Retailing: next gen tech to deliver strong CX

    Brad Blyth - Chief Information Officer at Kmart and Target and Mathew Wells - Global Solutions and Strategy at Verizon Business Group, discuss changing retail habits and the use of next-gen tech to drive sales and improve customer interaction. They look at the shift from in-person to online shopping and how retailers must continue to invest in innovative customer experiences, to capture revenue and offset lost sales.

  • Episode 3:
    The new critical infrastructure food chain

    The impact of the recent amendment to Australia’s Security of Critical Infrastructure Act on smaller companies within the electricity, gas, water and maritime supply chains has yet to be fully realized. Fergus Hanson - Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre and Derek Fittler - ANZ Head of Verizon Business Group, discuss how some businesses understand the impact and risk of a cybersecurity breach, but are yet to develop the skillsets and cyber requirements to take action.

  • Episode 4:
    Essential two-way trade

    Streamlining the two-way trade and investment process between Australia and the US is essential to their COVID recovery. April Palmerlee - CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AmCham) and MJ Salier - Chief Legal Counsel at Verizon, discuss how we can leverage the trust American businesses have in Australia’s transparent and accountable legal and regulatory systems. And what role 5G and IoT connected devices can play in this relationship.

  • The statements and opinions expressed in this podcast do not reflect the views or opinions of Verizon and its affiliates.

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  • CX of the future 2021

    Leading the way through the great disruption.

    In this CX podcast series, our expert panels discuss how organisations reacted during the pandemic and what CX strategies they are taking forward to help them flourish in the future. Topics discussed by Fifth Quadrant’s Director Steve Nuttall, Amelia Diggle, Service Design Lead at Verizon Connect, and Mathew Wells, Global Solutions Executive, Verizon Business Group. 

    Read the 2021 CX Maturity report - APAC
  • Episode 1:
    CX Maturity Model

    The countries that made a success of COVID.

    This first episode introduces the 2021 CX Maturity report - APAC and its methodologies. We discover how businesses in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand fared in the face of the pandemic, and how that had changed relative to the year before. They also delve into how the size of a population affected the speed with which they reacted to the pandemic and delve into the key part that cloud-based services had to play during that time.

  • Episode 2:
    Impact of COVID 01

    The pandemic and the future of working from home

    In episode 2, the panel discusses the different impacts COVID-19 has had on CX leaders and on CX laggards. And how CX can help organisations attract and retain the best talent in the face of a global labour shortage. The discussion covers different viewpoints on the productivity levels of teams that have been working from home, and the sensitivities around hybrid working in the future.

  • Episode 3:
    Evolution of the Contact Centre

    Organisations move swiftly to a cloud-based service.

    In this episode, the panel discusses the different speeds at which businesses shifted their contact centre services, from an office to a cloud-based service. For example, how this has brought cost savings, but also unexpected challenges. They also share their thoughts on which locations are better for finding the right staff and why the size of a city matters when it comes to recruitment.

  • Episode 4:
    The Future of CX and AI

    AI. Good for business and good for people.

    The panel looks at how organisations are using AI as part of a CX strategy. They discuss the opportunities that AI offers, including how it can enhance the decision-making process for employees. They delve into how AI is helping businesses be smarter, safer and more efficient with their vehicles, drivers and teams, and how the trend for AI chatbots helped drive the growth of AI across 2020. They also discuss the kind of data that AI provides and how the same AI used by two different companies can give very different results.

  • Episode 5:
    Lessons from the Leaders

    Why CX will help businesses thrive.

    Dr Steve Nuttall speaks to Fifth Quadrant’s head of consulting, Stephanie Baurer, and Service Design Lead at Verizon Connect, Amelia Diggle, about what we can learn from CX leaders. They identify that businesses are looking for support on how they can improve CX across people, process and technology. They discuss how remote working has forced many leaders to take their eye off further strategic investment and ongoing improvement, but the leaders in the field are committed to investing in CX to maintain their edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • The statements and opinions expressed in this podcast do not reflect the views or opinions of Verizon and its affiliates.

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