Web Security

Protect your website and online apps with Verizon’s cloud-delivered web security solutions.

  • Defend your digital presence.

  • Mobile devices and the web expand your network’s attack surfaces, creating new opportunities for cybercriminals. Help protect yourself with comprehensive, multilayered security solutions featuring agile and DevOps-friendly interfaces.

  • Web Application Firewall

    Minimize downtime and potential vulnerabilities caused by cyberattacks or web-app change events.

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  • High-capacity global network

    105 Tbps of global network capacity help protect your business from the largest DDoS attacks. 

  • Cost-effective, enterprise grade web app security

    Web Application Firewall includes rulesets, HTTP Rate Limiting and real-time analytics, which empowers you to  respond instantly to security events, increasing uptime and user loyalty, and preserving capital.

  • Bot Management

    Help protect your web and mobile apps and API endpoints from bot-based threats, including fraudulent activity that can result in lost revenue.

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  • Omnichannel protection

    Protects your websites, native mobile applications, and API endpoints for full enterprise protection.

  • Zero effort to operate

    Bot management is a fully managed service so that attacks are deflected with virtually no effort from enterprise employees.

  • Web Acceleration

    Improve user experience and boost web-app performance while also adding a layer of distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) protection by storing and accelerating content through the network.

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  • Application performance for traffic spikes

    Experience faster page load times, more objects served from cache and no impact to application performance during traffic spikes.

  • Content control on your terms

    The self-service portal and application programming  interfaces(APIs)enable real-time control as well as high visibility, configurability, customization and fast, system-wide propagation.

  • Authoritative DNS

    Maintain site availability and uptime, so users can access the web pages they need.

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  • Global network and scale

    DNS is available across the globe. Built entirely on IP Anycast technology, it allows you to resolve DNS queries with the highest reliability.

  • Robust DNS services so users can find your site quickly and reliably

    Experience decreased down-time with an always available DNS that ensures your website is always found.

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