Virtual Routing Solutions

Connect to more people, places and things.

Stay competitive with virtual routing on-demand. 

As network operations become increasingly complex, businesses are facing another challenge when trying to meet demand—rigid service delivery and rising operating costs. 

Verizon’s Virtual Network Services (VNS) - Routing gives you a more simplified way to connect your people, places, and things. Unlike traditional appliance-based routers that might take weeks to implement, VNS - Routing can be deployed as quickly as a matter of minutes, using a pre-defined catalog of virtual functions and easy-to-deploy equipment that can support multiple network functions. This also expands your options for the routing services you want to use. Not only are you able to select different sizing models, but you can choose the router image that matches other technologies in your existing network.

What is VNS – Routing? 

VNS - Routing is part of the application delivery platform within the integrated management portfolio. By combining this solution with the management of the entire integrated portfolio, you can globally stay connected so you can focus on your core business objectives and organizational goals.

How does VNS – Routing work?

The VNS - Routing suite offers a variety of routing capabilities based on several different vendor service options, including Cisco, Juniper, and Fortinet. The services offered vary by vendor and feature set and include many different routing functions. Current features offered by existing vendors are offered in different levels, which means you can take advantage of the features from the vendors you know. 

Network Orchestration Powers Digital Transformation

Learn how Verizon Enterprise Orchestration, together with Virtual Network Services (VNS), can help you get new network services to market quickly.

Features and benefits

VNS - Routing helps you reduce network latency across your enterprise and improve your overall application performance. It also allows you to reduce the amount of hardware you need to run your network, while making it easier to move or share network functions across multiple vendors. Other features and benefits include: 


  • Flexible. Eliminate the need for a dedicated internet access device at every remote location
  • Scale. Expand your solution as your needs grow
  • Speed. Create business agility through rapid service delivery

  • Analyze. Take advantage of rich analytics and policy enforcement


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Managed & professional services

Keeping in-house staff trained on all the newest technologies while monitoring hundreds—or even thousands—of devices and broadband suppliers can be daunting. Our managed and professional services provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house network monitoring and management. With comprehensive tools and industry-leading SLAs, we can help free up your IT staff to focus on revenue-generating projects. 


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