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We’ve been delivering world-class services to support Australian Government organizations – both federal and state – for more than 20 years. We think global and act local, combining our global capacity, best practices and leadership with our local knowledge and experience. 

  • Digital twins - supercharge your business decision-making processes

    Discover the power of digital twin technology, how it is enabled by 5G and how it can supercharge your business, according to Rob Le Busque Regional Vice President at Verizon Asia Pacific, in our new whitepaper.

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  • Strategic and secure defence solutions that keep pace with your transformation

    Digital transformation across governments highlights the need for critical defence infrastructure solutions that are able to cope with an expanding threat landscape.

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  • Advanced Secure Access Service Edge

    Advanced SASE provides a globally distributed, identity-centric networking and security platform that ensures end users and devices—across all government locations—are securely connected. 

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  • Cybersecurity strategies need to evolve.
    A guide for Australian Government departments navigating
    Zero Trust

    Zero Trust is the ultimate expression of
    the philosophy "Trust but verify", and
    it fundamentally changes the way
    government departments are protected.

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Transforming Government services to meet increasing public expectations.

    • Counterpoint Conversations
    • Cultural diversity is
      key to unlocking innovation.

      Diversity involves more than gender. It extends to race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, disability, culture, age and experience.

      Learn from discussions between private sector experts and their government counterparts how a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion can unlock innovation.

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    • Executive fireside conversations
    • Executive fireside conversations

      How has the pandemic created business losers and winners? How can collaboration lead to more secure organisations and what role does the supply chain play in building resilience? Our latest video series sees Verizon Business leaders discussing these key questions.

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How can we help talent thrive in the age of automation?

It's time for leaders in public service to acknowledge diverse scalable, critical human decision-making and embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock new efficiencies and drive productivity. 

Trust 20 years of cybersecurity expertise.

For decades, the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) team has specialized in helping organizations like yours improve infrastructure defense, mitigate risk and respond to cyber threats.

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Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC)
  • As more critical infrastructure is transformed digitally, the attack surface increases.

    Verizon cybersecurity expert Doron Harel discusses the increase in cybersecurity breaches and how the Australian government is increasing the number of sectors that are protected by the legislation. 

    Read the report Learn more about critical infrastructure security

2023 Data Breach Investigation Report

Strengthen your organization’s understanding and awareness of cybersecurity. Read our detailed analysis of 16,000+ security incidents from around the world.

  • The Verizon & Business nbn™ Partnership is Contributing to the Boom in Australia’s Economy
  • The nbn™ effect is contributing to the boom in Australia’s economy.

    With over 300,000 newly connected premises, 25,000 new jobs and $604bn more added to Australia’s GDP, the National Broadband Network effect is transforming the choices that the Australian Government makes today and helping set the stage for future development.

    We are launching our partnership with nbn™, to provide Government organisations access to scalable connectivity, backed by secure network technologies. A national wholesale open-access data network, it includes wired and radio communication components.

    With Verizon and business nbn™, Australia doesn’t just follow standards, it sets them. 

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    • a woman holding a tablet in jacket
    • Network-as-a-Service

      An agile organisation needs an agile network.

      Transform your network with Network-as-a-Service to optimise application and business performance. 

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    • middle age Man with glasses holding a tablet and pen
    • The Future of Work

      Reimagining business as usual.

      How has COVID-19 transformed the way today’s organisations are getting ready for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow? 

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The 5 states of ready

Done right, digital transformation is a strategic journey with clearly defined steps and milestones customised to your organization. At every stage, you need the right insights – and the right partner – to help you continually strengthen your operations, deepen your customer relationships and safeguard your future success.
Are you ready?

  • Medium shot of female technician working on a tablet in a data center full of rack servers running diagnostics and maintenance on the system
  • Secure Gateway Services

    Secure Gateway Services, tailored to meet Australian Government standards

    We invest in best of breed technology and Australian staff, who manage and operate our services onshore, as part of our commitment to remain competitive in the Australian Government market. All data is stored in data centres in Canberra and Sydney, and we provide constant 24/7 monitoring at Verizon Threat Research Advisory Centre (VTRAC).   

    We are a longstanding specialist in secure gateway solutions, a member of  Defence Industry Security Program Panel, our services are certified to PROTECTED level (with Independent IRAP* assessments), ISM compliant and our Canberra-based, Australian cyber security specialists are AGSVA verified.

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  • Australia’s Advanced Security Operations Centre

    A threat monitoring and analytics ecosystem to government specifications

    Tracking security threats can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is a start, but it’s only as good as the intelligence that feeds it. With our Advanced Security Operations Centre (SOC) based in Canberra, the Australian Governments get a hands-on threat monitoring and anomaly detection service that allows agencies to identify threats before they become a danger.

    Our security experts at the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Centre (VTRAC) study billions of security events each year to develop quality threat intelligence and alert you to potential issues. We know how attackers work, and with our advanced threat detection services, you have a better way to stop them.

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  • Female Engineer Controller Observes Working of the System. In the Background People Working and Monitors Show Various Information.
  • GovLink

    Securing network between Commonwealth Government entities

    We encrypt and secure connections between Commonwealth agencies with GovLink (formerly FedLink). GovLink enables organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively transmit and receive information up to the PROTECTED security classification. We enable a flexible VPN through our accredited certificate authority which offers digital certificates and a public key infrastructure.

    Find more details on GovLink
  • Electronic Boarding pass and passport control in the airport - hand with boarding pass at the turnstile.
  • Identity and Access Management

    Australian Managed Certificate Services

    Verizon is a trusted provider of identity solutions for both government and private sector organizations. We have provided credentials to many Public Key Infrastructure deployments including ePassport services and property, tax and healthcare entities. We are one of only three commercial service providers  accredited under the Digital Transformation Agency’s Gatekeeper framework to issue High Assurance credentials.

    Find out more DTA approved PKI provider
  • cyber crime risk monitoring matrix
  • Cyber Risk Monitoring

    Measure your risk and security posture.

    We track and identify security events to develop quality threat intelligence and alert you to potential issues. Leaders in cybersecurity, we monitor more than 61 billion events each year, and are able to give our clients superlative insight into their security landscape. Using our insights gives you comprehensive visibility, in-depth intelligence and daily updates, enabling you to optimize plans for your security environment. Our service and ecosystem are specifically designed for the threats and risks faced by Government.

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*For further information on Gateway Security Guidance Overview, please see https://www.cyber.gov.au/acsc/government/gateway-security-guidance.

Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon representative for service availability. For further details please contact us.