Bot Management

Help protect your web and mobile apps and API endpoints from bot-based threats.

  • Help protect your assets from sophisticated fraud and cyberattacks.

  • Whether your applications are hosted on the web or mobile, threat actors can access either and steal your sensitive data.

    Verizon’s Bot Management solution helps protect your web and mobile applications and application programming interface (API) endpoints from sophisticated automated attacks that could result in lost money and time—or contribute to reputational damage. 

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    What is Bot Management?

    By determining in real time if an application request is from a fraudulent source, Bot Management can help protect both your web and mobile applications and your API endpoints from malicious attacks.

    If a request is detected as fraudulent, Bot Management will then block, redirect or flag it.

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    How does Bot Management work?

    Every business has a unique security landscape, and Bot Management recognizes the need for flexibility to fit your specific environment. The solution can be deployed inline as a reverse proxy on-premises setup, which is hosted within Verizon’s data centers, or in a Verizon-managed public cloud. Bot Management can also be operated via the Verizon API.

Features and benefits of Bot Management

The Bot Management solution helps keep your sensitive data and assets protected from cyberattacks:

  • Client signals

    Verizon collects advanced telemetry to help enhance the ability of the defense engine to detect attacks.

  • Bot Management defense engine

    The defense engine deflects fraudulent requests by detecting automation at the network, browser and user levels.

  • AI-based

    Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), well transactions to proactively recognize retooled attacks and autonomously deploy new countermeasures to mitigate attacks.

  • API-based

    By determining if a transaction was generated by an automated or human source, the enterprise can use this API response to decide whether to allow or deny the traffic.

  • Detection of advanced attackers

    You’ll get omnichannel protection across web, mobile and APIs.

  • Zero effort to operate

    Provided as a fully managed service so that attacks are deflected with virtually no effort from enterprise employees.

  • Collective customer defense

    If a new attack technique is observed, you’re immediately protected from it as soon as it’s recognized.

  • Flexible deployment options

    Designed to provide a unified security posture across all channels, the service can be deployed in a range of ways, giving you maximum flexibility.

  • Reduced user friction

    Using Bot Management allows you to remove the burden of security from the end user, resulting in faster performance and reduced user friction.

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