Business Communications Design


Design customer personas, map customer journeys and develop use cases.


Get help with design and implementation of a complete collaboration solution. 

The increasing pace of competition is forcing organizations to become more efficient at everything, including the way their workers communicate and collaborate.

But it’s possible you’re not sure what to do or where to start to improve your communications. Our Professional Services Design team can provide a holistic suite of consulting, implementation and integration and operation/lifecycle support services designed to help you answer those questions and make your transformation a success.

What are Business Communications Design Services?

Our Business Communications Design Services deliver both business and technical guidance to help you identify where you want to go and the best way to get there. Through the design and implementation of world-class communication solutions, we help give your organization a competitive edge. Our deep bench of consultants has the expertise and experience to build solutions that serve both today and tomorrow’s workforce.

How do Business Communications Design Services work?

Our design services help ensure that your unified communications solution meets your needs, whatever they may be. The team starts by defining your desired business outcomes and works with you to create a culture of collaboration, which is essential to reaching your organizational objectives.

Our consultants also verify that the solution is aligned with defined business outcomes through the use of multiple monitoring and analysis tools.  Lastly, our Adoption Program helps your workers gain comfort with and use the tools that have been deployed to help you get the most out of your collaboration investment.

Features & benefits

Business Communications Professional Services consultants act as a trusted advisor, enabling your business to effectively collaborate and become more productive. Through workshops, led by our consultants and your input, we provide a complete collaboration solution designed to help you support your organization and meet your business objectives.

  • Consulting Services help align and adopt best practices around Business Communications
  • Implementation and Integration Services work through the planning, design and implementation stages of the deployment

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