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  • Fast, secure, reliable DNS

  • With ever-increasing web traffic, you want to ensure that customers can easily and reliably access your website and applications. Our Authoritative DNS is available across the globe and built entirely on IP Anycast technology, allowing you to resolve Domain Name System (DNS) queries virtually anywhere with the highest reliability.

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    What is Authoritative DNS?

    Verizon's system to resolve domain names (i.e. verizon.comverizonwireless.com) to server IP addresses which is required for browsers, connected mobile applications, and IoT devices to communicate with your systems. Verizon Authoritative DNS is one of the largest, fastest and most secure authoritative DNS available.

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    How does Authoritative DNS work?

    Browsers or devices ask DNS servers for the server that maps to a domain name. Authoritative DNS answers the request with either the IP address of the intended server, or another domain name. Reinforced by multiple redundancies and failovers, Authoritative DNS makes sure your website is reachable around the clock and that your applications perform to the best of their ability.

Features and benefits of Authoritative DNS

  • Global network and scale

    Our DNS is available across the globe. Built entirely on IP Anycast technology, it allows you to resolve DNS queries with the highest reliability.

  • Ensure your website can always be found

     We have built one of the world’s largest and most robust DNS services with multiple redundancy and failovers. This ensure that we provide you with always-available DNS so that users can always reach your website.

  • Boost web application performance

    DNS is frequently used within web applications when making application programming interface (API) calls to services, such as databases and external storage. Our DNS helps reduce the time it takes to resolve domain names and improve the performance of your web applications.

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