Web Acceleration

Improve user experience and boost web-app performance while
adding a layer of distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) protection.

  • Help boost the performance and security of your web and mobile apps.

  • Dramatically improve your user experiences while you secure them. As a secure content delivery network (CDN), Verizon Web Acceleration gives you the high-quality performance that users expect and your business demands. It helps increase web and mobile app performance, while delivering high levels of protection, reliability and scale.

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    What is Web Acceleration?

    Powered by one of the world’s largest, seamlessly connected global IP networks, Web Acceleration is a network-agnostic CDN solution with massive capacity and stringent security. Using advanced caching and acceleration strategies, it delivers lightning-fast delivery of your customers’ web content. These capabilities combine to make Web Acceleration ideal for high-traffic applications, such as:

    • E-commerce
    • Online banking
    • Software updates
    • Social media feeds
    • Video streaming


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    How does Web Acceleration work?

    Web Acceleration leverages a global network of more than 165 Points-of-Presence (PoP) to keep your web content closer to where your users work, play and browse. That combines with its open peering policies to help reduce latency and maximize web speed, so your customers feel like your server infrastructure is close by. In addition, its intelligent load balancing and compression further help speed up secure content delivery to even the most remote geographic locations. That can help you scale your web services quickly and securely to new markets.

Web Acceleration Features

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  • Leading technology and presence

    Our global network of 165 PoPs with 6000+ interconnects on six continents enables faster page load times, allows more objects to be served from cache and minimizes impacts on app performance from traffic spikes.

  • Increased power and control

    Our self-service portal and APIs give you near real-time content control, high visibility, configurability, customization and fast propagation to help IT be more agile and productive.

  • Multilayered protection

    Get end-to-end web security with DNS/DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, Bot Management and origin protection. Consider our Managed Cloud Security option for added security.

  • World-class service and support

    Collaborative problem-solving and proactive monitoring help our 24/7 team resolve most issues at tier 1 levels. Plus, we keep you informed with near-instant issue updates.

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