Session Border Controller as a Service (SBCaaS)

Create a more agile, resilient and centrally
managed approach to your network.

Centrally manage and secure your voice and video communications.

VoIP and Unified Communications solutions have made your business more connected and efficient. But delivering these solutions traditionally meant investing in purpose-built appliances and proprietary software licenses for each location. Aside from the considerable upfront investment, installing new circuits could take you weeks, followed by days of burdensome configuration.

Our Virtual Network Services (VNS) - Session Border Controller as a Service (SBCaaS) solution gives you a more agile, centrally managed approach to network deployments and management. When combined with Enterprise Orchestration, it lets you deliver communications quickly and flexibly 24x7, and manage seasonal demand surges without investing in new equipment. And it’s all orchestrated by our experts, with over two decades of experience managing customer networks.

What is VNS - SBCaaS?

A Session Border Controller is a policy-based voice and video solution that lets enterprises securely deploy IP-based real-time communications services like VoIP and unified communications. It also acts as a first line of defense against a range of cyber-attacks, including service theft, spoofing and DDoS.


How does VNS - SBCaaS work?

VNS - SBCaaS is like a traffic cop for your SIP sessions, securing and managing activity across your network. The solution connects your voice, video and instant messaging services and securely delivers them across both public and private networks. And since it’s fully managed and hosted, we handle the configuration and management.


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Features and benefits

VNS - SBCaaS was designed to provide you with strategic, flexible deployment options—including varying size and service packages—which incorporate popular features based on your technology provider.


  • Simplicity. Centralize policy and service change management, and speed delivery when combined with Enterprise Orchestration
  • Cost-efficiency. Eliminate secondary circuit deployment on premise and move to usage-based pricing
  • Security. Protect against threats to your communications and contact center solutions
  • Customization. Choose the sizing model best matched to your expected call capacity


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Managed & professional services

Keeping in-house staff trained on all the newest technologies while monitoring hundreds—or even thousands—of devices and suppliers can be daunting. Our managed and professional services provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house network monitoring and management. With comprehensive tools and leading SLAs, we can help free up your IT staff to focus on revenue-generating projects. 

Service packages


  • Includes key functionality, including call routing, signaling, media processing, NAT traversal, security and Quality of Service


  • Includes everything in Essential, plus SIP header manipulation, encryption (signaling and media), DTMF detection and insertion and media transcoding support


  • Includes everything in Core, plus advanced routing (large data tables, route prioritization, time of day/day of the week routing plans) and far-end camera control


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