Fact Sheet

Verizon Wireless Private Network Connections

As wireless usage grows, security becomes increasingly important. Use Verizon Enterprise Solutions private wireless network connections to maintain your network integrity.

Take control of your mobile network.

Substantial resources have been invested into maintaining the integrity of your internal IT network. But an explosion of wireless devices is redefining network boundaries and making safe integration of these devices challenging.

Smartphones, tablets, modems, routers and other machine-to-machine (M2M) connections are helping businesses access and collect information, automate processes and provide primary and backup network access to remote offices. As wireless device usage continues to grow, many of these devices become a part of your infrastructure, requiring the same approach to management and control that you apply to traditional IT infrastructure assets. Verizon Wireless Private Network gives your company a segregated private network to which your mobile devices can connect. It separates your data from public traffic and provides a direct connection back to your internal network. Access to and from this private network is completely within your control. And it extends your network to reach everywhere the Verizon Wireless network does.

How is Verizon Wireless Private Network better?

Complete control over your devices and network through private wireless network connections:

  • Wireless devices’ network connections can be managed in a manner similar to other computing assets.
  • The Dynamic Mobile Network Routing
  • (DMNR) option allows you to use your wireless router to directly manage devices on your company’s LAN.
  • With data isolated from the public Internet, you avoid its inherent risks and unsolicited traffic.
  • Only customer-authorized subscribers may send and receive traffic.
  • With the Service Based Access option, you can track mobile devices, including fleets and high-value assets, and use visual voice mail (VVM) and multimedia messaging services (MMS) on 3G smartphones.

Easy to deploy and manage

  • No need to deploy and manage complicated device configurations to establish wireless network connections.
  • It is available anywhere there is Verizon Wireless network coverage.
  • New wireless devices can be activated for Private Network within 24 hours.

Connect to your network your way:

  • There are multiple ways to connect to your private network, so you can choose the method that suits you:
    ®Verizon Private IP
    ®Dedicated point-to-point circuits, such as a T1
    ®VPN over Internet

Verizon Wireless Private Network puts you in charge:

With Verizon Wireless Private Network, your line-of-business operations and employees can connect to the network from many places, while keeping IT firmly in control of management.

You can add devices to your own internal network, with your own IP addressing, to be managed by your own support personnel. This empowers you to make mobile solutions part of your infrastructure and extend your core computing network farther, quicky and easily. There is no need for complicated device configuration, no need to worry if the connection is on or off and no complicated support practices.

And you can be confident knowing that your private network is backed by the coverage, speed and reliability of Verizon Wireless. Verizon can help your company make the most of mobile communications to securely and cost-effectively power your network.