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Keep your customers in sight.

Your customers turn to you to resolve their issues quickly and easily. In many ways, technology has made this simpler by giving them more channels of interaction, from web and live chat to social, mobile and more. But it’s also become more important that your agents are able to deliver the personalized service your customers expect.

Unified Customer Experience (CX) from Verizon delivers the tools and solutions to help you make customers happier and agents more productive, so you can continue focusing on that growth.

Unified CX is available internationally

What is Unified Customer Experience?

Verizon Unified Customer Experience (CX), built on Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) provides organizations with a hosted cloud omnichannel contact center platform that helps them focus on enhancing customer experiences. It also helps improve agent productivity and enables them to seamlessly interact with customers via voice, email, chat, social and mobile.

How does Unified Customer Experience work?

The contact center agents log into their desktop which is on the dedicated hosted secure cloud to immediately take charge of the daily customer care.  Customers are routed to the right agent with the skills necessary to satisfy even the most challenging customers, delivering fast call resolution.  Agents can be located virtually anywhere and have the full capability of all the Unified CX features.

Supervisors’ work days are made easier with visual dash boards, tools for scheduling and skilling agents and intuitive reports that help improve agent performance.  Overall, Verizon brings the full capability of the Unified CX contact center right to the desktop, where supervisors easily review teams to better manage call center performance.

Features & benefits

Verizon Unified CX gives you the features you need to create a better experience for your customers.

  • Cloud flexibility and scalability. Deploy new features, functions and channels as needed. Maintain availability with timely upgrades and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Drive improved customer experiences. Easily view past customer interactions for context-based conversations. Monitor, coach and improve agent interactions.
  • Boost contact center performance. Enhance the agent experience and help improve retention with standardized, high-demand features. Easily monitor channel performance across multiple call centers. Fine-tune operations to improve business performance through a centralized portal.
  • Single point of contact for all support. 24x7x365 incident resolution, backup/restoration services, capacity, change and problem management.


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professional services consultants

Why Verizon for Unified CX?

  • Unified solution based on integrated leading technology partner capabilities
  • Cisco HCS architecture
  • Cloud-based benefits, with dedicated deployment features
  • Customer administrative and routing control
  • Support from a single point of contact
  • Flexible Verizon network access to the platform
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Fully integrated UCCaaS option
  • Secure platform

Professional services

The ever-evolving technology landscape requires organizations to pursue contact center strategies that can meet the demanding customer expectations and move at the speed of change thus providing them with a competitive edge. Verizon provides an end-to-end portfolio of professional services to create better experiences, drive measurable results, and mitigate security risks for your business.

Our Unified CX PS team can help at every stage of the lifecycle; strategy, advising, planning, implementation, and integration. Verizon is a Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (UCCE ATP) and our team members maintain a wide range of industry certifications including PMP, ITIL, IEEE, Six Sigma, CCXP, etc.

See how Verizon Live-Source uses Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise to provide quality, reliable contact center services.

How to implement

1. Planning

  • Gather and document business requirements
  • Build use cases
  • Develop high level design
  • Create project schedule

2. Execution

  • Configure, design and code
  • Conduct unit testing
  •  Build systems Integration 

3. Testing & Training

  • Conduct systems integration testing
  • Conduct performance, security, DR testing
  • Conduct user acceptance testing
  • Administrator, Supervisor and Agent Training

4. Deployment & Support

  • Production Go-Live
  • Day 2 Support 

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