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CX Design

Design for the customer,
not the limits of technology

Design for the customer, not the limits of technology.

We believe loyalty is a trust you earn from your customers by first proving your loyalty to them. When you value customers for who they are, and not merely for what they can do for you, you earn their trust and loyalty in return.

We help you understand your customers’ needs through analysis of voice of the customer and design solutions to meet those needs. 

Large retail bank unable to deliver the customer experiences their customers demand (high frequency of calls for help with simple repetitive tasks, lack of analytics/insights into call drivers, less efficient single channel for customer support).  Verizon conducted Customer Experience Workshop focused on the Voice of the Customer (VoC), identifying top issues effecting customer base , listen & observed live calls and processes and provided recommended actions including:  implementation of speech analytics to understand call drivers, launch chat support to automate simple, repetitive interactions via chat bot/automation and utilize journey analytics to analyze customer interaction data across silos, uncover and fix issues, enhance experience and drive desired behaviors (Improved first call resolution, increased efficiency of agents, reduced calls and shorter AHT).

What is CX Design?

Verizon’s CX Design (CXD) help you to achieve your desired business outcomes by working “outside-in” – starting with your customers’ need to create personas, map customer journey and develop use cases.  We partner with you in documenting your strategy to design an effective, effortless journey that earns your customers’ loyalty and makes them advocates for your business.

Our design team stays engaged through the execution of the defined strategy to bring your vision to life and provide a foundation that enables successful customer engagement.

How does CX Design work?

Our CX designers use multiple voice of the customer listening posts to understand the “moments that matter” for your customers. They document the customer journey and help you build the roadmap necessary to close the gaps between their expectations and your delivery. We help you establish customer listening, governance, and measurement practices that form the foundation of a customer-centric culture, driving long term value for your customers and for your business.

Designing the Customer Experience

Features & benefits

  • Understand the Customer Experience. We work side by side with you to gain a better understanding of your customers and their needs through journey mapping workshops and Voice of the Customer analytics.  We use these tools to create actionable insights that reveal where you have opportunities to remove “friction” from the experience and build customer loyalty.  
  • Innovate for Impact. With our experience in Design Thinking practices, we sit with you to create a vision of how you want to transform your business using voice and digital technologies.  We start with your customers’ Jobs to be Done and then guide you through “the art of the possible” to help you create innovative solutions.
  • Create Value. Your focus on improving the customer experience should naturally lead to better business outcomes.  We work with you to build the case for change, evaluating the risk of your transformational activities, along with the risk of not transforming, and then help you design the investment roadmap to benefit your business.

Why Verizon is different


With Verizon, we bring you all the resources you need.  We help map the journey you envision for customers and implement the solutions - cloud services, voice, digital, collaboration, IoT solutions.

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