Governance, risk & compliance (GRC) services

Strengthen your security and manage compliance using industry standards and best practices.

  • Know how you stack up against threats.

  • Our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) experts help you discover your current risk posture. We help you navigate security and compliance requirements, offering a broad range of objective and data-driven assessments and advisory services to help you identify potential weaknesses and compliance gaps.

  • Get an objective assessment of your cybersecurity controls.





  • Cybersecurity Assessment

    Through a set of assessment activities designed to gauge organizational security controls and risks, we help you understand your cybersecurity maturity level and improve your ability to make informed cybersecurity and risk decisions.

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    Protect your customers and your reputation.


  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Assessment

    Our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) experts can help you assess, manage and implement a plan to maintain PCI compliance and security resilience—including identifying gaps and how to address them.

    And with the PCI DSS global standard update to version 4, we can also help you understand and meet the changing compliance requirements.

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    Take a proactive approach to securing your organization.


  • Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing helps you prepare for threats by evaluating your infrastructure security. We use vulnerability scanning tools and advanced exploitation techniques to probe your environment for vulnerabilities so you can quantify risks and prepare before an attack occurs.

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    Measure your security program against industry standards.


  • Security Program Assessment

    Get an objective evaluation of your security program against your preferred industry security framework or regulatory requirement. We provide an objective and repeatable measure of your security program to help you move toward control maturity.

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    Learn to mitigate the risks of remote work.


  • Remote Working Security Assessment

    More remote working means you need to know if your virtual private network (VPN) is configured to provide sufficient protection. Our assessment can help you understand risks related to remote working and prioritize recommendations for reducing those risks.

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    Understand your vulnerabilities.


  • Red Team Operations

    A cybersecurity assessment that uses simulated attacks to evaluate your threat detection and response capabilities while testing your defensive teams as they contend with a skilled adversary operating in your network.

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  • Remain a trusted member of the network.


    SWIFT Independent Assessment

    SWIFT members must now undergo an independent assessment to demonstrate their compliance with the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF). Let our highly trained experts help you carry out your CSCF assessment while identifying and addressing potential issues before the annual deadline.

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Complying with SEC disclosure rules

Find out more about recently adopted cybersecurity disclosure regulations from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and how Verizon can help publicly traded companies and CISOs fulfill their obligations.

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