Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services

Respond quickly to cyber attacks by enhancing your incident management resources with our team of experts.

Be ready to respond.

Bolster your security operations so you can quickly respond and react to cyber attacks. Our team of security experts bring best practices, consistent processes and innovative tools to your incident response approach, giving you a consistent process when dealing with the onslaught of attacks.

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Services overview 

Cyber Security Incident Response Team services take your existing incident response capabilities and turn them up a notch. By incorporating our team’s skills and knowledge, you can improve your threat intelligence telemetry, plan more strategically and develop deeper, more timely responses during emergencies.

How our services work

To help prevent incidents, our Cyber Security Incident Response Team works with you to create a detailed and proactive security plan. When a security attack occurs, we work quickly to help you minimize the impact, identify causes and lead the response. This solution can stand alone or complement your existing threat detection services.

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Trust 20 years of cybersecurity expertise.

For decades, the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) team has specialized in helping organizations like yours improve infrastructure defense, mitigate risk and respond to cyber threats.

Features & benefits

With Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services, you can better identify, prioritize, and resolve the most sophisticated security incidents. Other features and benefits include:


  • Flexible. Integrate your existing security services with Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services
  • Incident analysis. Improve policies so you’re better prepared for future incidents
  • Customizable. Get the right level of expert support for your unique security needs
  • Lifecycle management. Boost support from planning through development and incident response
  • 230+

    investigators, analysts, forensic lab
    technicians and support personnel

  • 6

    digital forensics labs worldwide 

  • 14+

    average years of experience in investigations and threat intelligence

  • 500+

    digital forensic investigations and 200 other digital forensic work on average each year

Service Levels 

Depending on your specific security needs, you can apply Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services to security communication, proactive, incident response, threat intelligence information, security quality management, vulnerability management, and threat hunting services. Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services are available in three phases to support you in the areas where you need it most.


We’ll help review your existing incident response processes, procedures, programs, and operations, then provide a roadmap for recommended improvements.


We’ll create and expand incident documentation and suggest areas for development, along with implementing recommendations from the Assessment phase.


This phase builds on the prior two phases, then fine-tunes your processes, coordinates security incident handling between stakeholders and reports on Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services operation effectiveness.


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