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Cyber Risk Monitoring1

Fight cyber threats more effectively and efficiently with a 360-degree view of your security posture.

Know where to focus your security investments. 

Making the right security investments is all about visibility. With Cyber Risk Monitoring, you get a 360-degree view of your security landscape. By integrating our intelligence with multiple security data sources, you can aggregate, display, and score information in a way that’s easy to understand.

As a leader in cybersecurity, we track over 61 billion events on average every year. With this insight, you can develop a focused action plan for your security environment, and prioritize spending where it matters most.

What is Cyber Risk Monitoring? 

Cyber Risk Monitoring is a comprehensive risk assessment and management tool that measures and benchmarks your specific security posture. It features daily updates and creates a common language to better understand your security environment in terms of business risk and growth.

How does Cyber Risk Monitoring work?

Cyber Risk Monitoring assesses your security posture using quantified scoring algorithms, detailed dark web findings, and proprietary data from our threat intelligence library. This gives you the data you need to identify security gaps and evaluate where you need to focus, all leading to more informed business decisions.

Know your score.

Cyber Risk Monitoring delivers executive-level reporting while allowing security analysts to drill down for specific details, helping IT teams save time while maintaining flexibility for various audiences view.

Features & benefits

With Cyber Risk Monitoring, you get the data you need to identify security gaps and evaluate where you need to focus. Other features and benefits include:

  • Security scoring. Effectively measure changes in your security maturity.
  • Online exposure. Identify content on the deep/dark web that could damage your enterprise.
  • Daily updates. View your comprehensive dashboard at your convenience, any time online.
  • Customized views. Map to frameworks such as VERIS, NIST, NERC, COBIT, HIPPA and more. 

25 +

years of security experience


Risk vectors assessed with Cyber Risk Monitoring


security incidents monitored each year, on average

Service levels

Cyber Risk Monitoring has three service levels that build on each other, giving you an in-depth view of your security landscape. Our Vendor Risk Dashboard provides insight into your vendor’s security posture and Portfolio Management allows you to manage and view an executive summary of your subsidiaries and affiliates.

Level 1: Outside-In View

This external view gathers data from public sources, identifies exposure on the dark web, and correlates findings with proprietary data.

Level 2: Inside-Out View

This asset-focused view searches internally for malware, unwanted programs, and dual usage tools within endpoints.  The Inside-Out View also verifies the state of your IT Infrastructure based on cyber security best practices, such as end of life software in use, OS/application risks or unexpected running services.

Level 3: Culture and Process View

Delivers true 360 degree visibility by combining external and internal evaluations with an in-depth review of your security culture and processes.

Vendor Risk Dashboard

Make informed decisions about risk by evaluating the security posture ratings of other companies you do business with.

Innovative solutions from industry leaders.

The Cyber Risk Monitoring combines the world-class capabilities of these leading security organizations with Verizon’s own unique intelligence.


“Our role as an objective security ratings organization supports Verizon’s strategy to create a risk posture by integrating a comprehensive internal view with an independent, industry-standard external view of an organization’s cyber risk.”

-- Dave Fachetti, senior vice president of strategic partnerships, BitSight

Recorded Future

“This relationship with Verizon will enable more effective prioritization and strategy by adding our threat intelligence across security functions, putting power back into the hands of the good guys.”

-- Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, chief executive officer and co-founder, Recorded Future


“We're thrilled to help power Cyber Risk Monitoring. Pairing Verizon's experience and knowledge with the in-depth visibility and control Tanium provides will enable businesses to make meaningful, measurable improvements to their security posture and resilience.”

-- Orion Hindawi, chief executive officer and co-founder, Tanium

BlackBerry Cylance

“ BlackBerry Cylance is delighted to team with Verizon. The unique intelligence provided by BlackBerry Cylance regarding malicious and suspicious activities and behavior will provide Cyber Risk Monitoring  clients with immediately actionable recommendations for improving security posture and reducing risk.”

-- Eric Cornelius, Chief Technology Officer , BlackBerry Cylance


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1Cyber Risk Monitoring, formerly known as Verizon Risk Report.

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