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Security and protection

Whether protecting a single store or a global network, you need security solutions that are simple to use but sophisticated enough to keep modern cyberthreats at bay.

  • Don’t leave your data, assets and reputation at risk.

  • New cyberthreats emerge every day. Understand exactly what risks you face, and get help protecting your business by leveraging our more than 25 years of security experience. Whether you’re a global Fortune 1000 business or an organization with only a few employees, we offer cybersecurity solutions to help protect you from the edge to the cloud.

  • Network & cloud security

  • Organizations today rely on a complex weave of networks and clouds. We know that complexity better than almost anyone and can help protect your network and applications from attacks, enforce policies and help keep your data safe whether you’re working in the office or remotely. 

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  • SASE Management

    Verizon offers the networking and security expertise needed to
    implement an adaptive, enterprise-grade secure access service
    edge (SASE) environment.

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  • Secure Cloud Gateway

    Protect your network perimeter with a secure, cloud-based, distributed web gateway that acts as both a first and last line of defense.

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  • Cyber risk management

  • Inadequate cyber risk management leaves the door open to disaster. Get help effectively and proactively minimizing your risk with access to more than 25 years of experience and experts stationed around the globe.

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  • Cyber Risk Monitoring

    This risk assessment and management tool gives you the data you need to enhance risk visibility and identify gaps.

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  • Governance, risk & compliance

    Address regulatory, compliance and stakeholder requirements with cybersecurity assessments, payment card industry assessments, penetration testing and more.

  • Incident response & investigation

  • Responding quickly to cybersecurity incidents can help reduce damages. We have options to help your organization proactively prepare, rapidly respond and more quickly recover from incidents of all kinds.

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  • Rapid Response Retainer

    Engage incident response capabilities customized to your cyber risk profile.

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  • Incident Response Planning

    Anticipate challenges, amplify effectiveness and streamline decision-making processes. 

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  • Advanced Security Operations Center Services

  • Augment your existing security platforms and personnel with our analysts and actionable intelligence. Receive detailed monitoring, analytics and alerting done by our security experts to help improve your overall security.

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  • Advanced Security Operations Center

    Get actionable information from events collected in near real-time. Detect anomalies and have the most imminent threats escalated for action.

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  • Managed Security Incident and Event Management

    Leverage a tailored operational model to integrate Verizon security and intelligence capabilities with your own security incident and event management (SIEM) solution.

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  • Identity & access management

  • By simplifying access controls, permissions and account provisioning, we can help you protect your critical information and resources from unauthorized access—and provide your people and devices frictionless access to what they need.

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  • Verizon ID

    Get identity management that combines distributed ledger technology, multifactor authentication and biometrics into a user-transparent process. 

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  • Managed Certificate Services

    Authenticate users and protect data, devices and applications through a centralized and trusted digital certificate source.

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  • Managed detection and response services

  • Get help protecting your organization with a leader in managed security services. We offer cloud-based technologies, around-the-clock detection and incident response that can evolve to meet the threats you face.

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  • Managed Detection and Response

    Use advanced technologies combined with human expertise to identify, notify and quickly respond to major security incidents.

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  • Network Detection and Response

    Perform near real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization with our full packet-capture solution delivered from the cloud.

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Benefit from our experience.

  • 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

    This year, we analyzed a staggering 30,458 real-world security incidents. Download the DBIR to find out more about the cyber threats your organization might be up against.

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  • 2022 Payment
    Security Report

    Learn best practices for simplifying and improving your payment data security.  Navigate the changing requirements introduced by PCI DSS v4.0—with goals and models to help you meet compliance and improve your risk profile.

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  • Securing critical national infrastructure

    This paper considers the key security threats and barriers facing CNI organisations based on our own and third party research, and the key strategies you can take to help overcome challenges and mitigate risk.

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  • Key considerations for securing 5G network traffic

    Learn best practices for securing your network to accommodate for 5G adoption.

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Learn how the Fujifilm Group steps up its cybersecurity.

When the Fujifilm Group was seeking to adjust its cybersecurity strategy to prevent hacks from more sophisticated attackers, it turned to experts at Verizon to help with more advanced global surveillance.

Security knowledge galore

Take further advantage of our security expertise with these additional resources.

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