Device Health
and Availability

Detect failing or unhealthy security devices.

Protect your digital infrastructure with device availability monitoring.

Hackers are sophisticated and smart. But you need to be smarter. When it comes to potential attacks, the vulnerable areas of your infrastructure must be protected. Verizon provides device health monitoring and early failure detection so you can identify and correct weak points before they turn into problems.

This puts you in the position to focus fully on your business instead of worrying about worst-case scenarios. Our support and expertise spans across a wide spectrum of security vendors, giving you everything you need to manage your IT security solution through a single Verizon interface.

What is Device Health and Availability Monitoring?

This is a network device monitoring service providing experienced support and the latest digital tools so you can quickly identify unhealthy devices and keep your business running. With an experienced Security Services Advisor, you can stay updated on new observations and trends around the security landscape.

How does Device Health and Availability Monitoring work?

This vendor-neutral service works by covering the entire spectrum of device fitness. We check device responsiveness, manage problems and replacements, run backups, alert you with necessary upgrades and patches, and address software issues at any time, 24x7.

Features & benefits

We anticipate potential problems with your security devices, fine-tune them as needed, and address security issues—all while keeping costs under control. Other features and benefits include: 

  • Peace of mind. 24x7 security device management and timely software updates
  • Security expertise. Focus more on the critical areas of your business
  • Complete environment. Manage devices, identify vulnerabilities on-prem or on the cloud
  • Unified view. Access an easy-to-read dashboard for timely updates and alerts


years of security experience.


security events processed yearly (on average).


Security Operations Centers worldwide.

Managed & professional services

With Managed Security Services, you have the flexibility to purchase what you need when and where you need it. Verizon’s MSS portfolio offers the managed services you need to keep your business running smoothly and the professional staff to address your resource constraints and security needs.

Health Monitoring
Helping protect infrastructure through early failure detection.

Device Management
Providing timely updates and peace of mind.

Policy Management
Keeping your policies aligned and in line.

SaaS Policy Management
Policy planning for your cloud vendors.

Policy Management Consultative
Helping you build policies that address the problems at hand.

Identify unknown threats quickly.


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