goes digital.

With an upgraded communications system, this dog grooming and day-care business is “not your grandmother’s dog groomer."

  • If the phones don’t work, we’re losing customers. In our business, if a customer calls and no one answers, they just go to the next option on the list.

    Corina Stammworthy, Owner, Laundromutt


  • The company was transitioning from a “quirky” start-up to a state-of-the-art dog care business
  • Unreliable internet service precluded the use of cloud-based, online business applications
  • The company needed a vendor that could support its growth ambitions with a high level of performance and reliability


  • Voice over IP (VoIP) phone lines increase the feature set while reducing costs
  • More robust internet services support cloud-based business applications
  • Laundromutt
  • Outcome

    • Enhanced customer experience with easy, online scheduling of full- and self-service dog grooming appointments
    • Improved management productivity with reliable anytime access to cloud-based payroll and accounting applications
    • Facilitated marketing and customer communications with targeted online advertising and social media engagement
    • Increased dog day-care enrollment with streamlined, online registration system


    grooming and pet day-care staff


    VoIP lines


    clients served per week

    How we built the solution

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